Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ yoorz, yawrz, yohrz ]

Definition: Play

plural adj. 1 belonging to done by or having to do with the person being spoken or written to; 2.of or relating to anyone; one's.

Sentence: Play Play

The book is yours.

More example sentences:

The book is yours.

Hear it Hear it

I think my painting is prettier than yours.

Hear it Hear it

My portion of candy is the same as yours.

Hear it Hear it

My perception of what he said is different from yours.

Hear it Hear it

My salad dressing is tangier than yours.

Hear it Hear it

How many syllables in yours?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide yours into syllables:


Yours rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear boors boors
    • Hear cures cures
    • Hear koors koors
    • Hear luehrs luehrs
    • Hear luhrs luhrs
    • Hear lures lures
    • Hear moore's moore's
    • Hear moores moores
    • Hear moors moors
    • Hear poor's poor's
    • Hear poors poors
    • Hear spoor's spoor's
    • Hear sures sures
    • Hear tour's tour's
    • Hear tours tours
    • Hear boers boers
    • Hear bores bores
    • Hear bors bors
    • Hear chores chores
    • Hear clore's clore's
    • Hear cohrs cohrs
    • Hear cores cores
    • Hear corps' corps'
    • Hear corps corps
    • Hear door's door's
    • Hear doors doors
    • Hear drawers drawers
    • Hear floors floors
    • Hear four's four's
    • Hear fours fours
    • Hear gore's gore's
    • Hear gores gores
    • Hear hors hors
    • Hear kohrs kohrs
    • Hear moore's moore's
    • Hear mor's mor's
    • Hear morze morze
    • Hear oars oars
    • Hear ores ores
    • Hear poors poors
    • Hear pores pores
    • Hear pours pours
    • Hear roars roars
    • Hear roehrs roehrs
    • Hear rohrs rohrs
    • Hear schorr's schorr's
    • Hear scores scores
    • Hear shore's shore's
    • Hear shores shores
    • Hear snores snores
    • Hear soars soars
    • Hear sores sores
    • Hear spores spores
    • Hear store's store's
    • Hear stores stores
    • Hear stores' stores'
    • Hear storrs storrs
    • Hear storz storz
    • Hear tours tours
    • Hear war's war's
    • Hear wars wars
    • Hear wars' wars'
    • Hear whores whores
    • Hear zorz zorz
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear assures assures
    • Hear brochures brochures
    • Hear detours detours
    • Hear endures endures
    • Hear ensures ensures
    • Hear insures insures
    • Hear matures matures
    • Hear obscures obscures
    • Hear secures secures
    • Hear abhors abhors
    • Hear adores adores
    • Hear azores azores
    • Hear delore's delore's
    • Hear delors delors
    • Hear deplores deplores
    • Hear explores explores
    • Hear ignores ignores
    • Hear implores implores
    • Hear nemours nemours
    • Hear outdoors outdoors
    • Hear restores restores
    • Hear timor's timor's
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear amanpour's amanpour's
    • Hear beladur's beladur's
    • Hear reassures reassures
    • Hear guarantors guarantors
    • Hear saboteurs saboteurs
    • Hear underscores underscores

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