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Phonetic Respelling: [ uhm-brel-uh ]

Definition: Play

n. a collapsible covering for protection against weather consisting of fabric stretched over a hinged frame coming out from a center pole

Sentence: Play Play

She brought an umbrella in case it rained.

More example sentences:

She brought an umbrella in case it rained.

Hear it Hear it

She was thankful for her prevision to bring an umbrella.

Hear it Hear it

Who did the girls see crowded under an umbrella outside the bakery?

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How did the tiny children plan to get the umbrella back?

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How did the blue umbrella save Binya?

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I always bring an umbrella with me when I go out.

Hear it Hear it

What was Missy using the umbrella for when she climbed the hill?

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What does the girl use the umbrella for?

Hear it Hear it

Why did a kid need an umbrella in the lunchroom?

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When Ram Bharosa had the umbrella what did he finally do?

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Mom told me to schlep an umbrella on a sunny day.

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Which umbrella will be on display at the Gotham museum?

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What did the woman with the umbrella say about the snow?

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Why did Momo want to use the umbrella on the bright sunny day?

Hear it Hear it

What did Missy tell the umbrella to become after the wild animal tent?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

parasol; sunshade;handheld canopy

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in umbrella?

3 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide umbrella into syllables:


Umbrella rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear bela bela
    • Hear bella bella
    • Hear bellah bellah
    • Hear cela cela
    • Hear cella cella
    • Hear dela dela
    • Hear della della
    • Hear ela ela
    • Hear ella ella
    • Hear fela fela
    • Hear fella fella
    • Hear grella grella
    • Hear lelah lelah
    • Hear leola leola
    • Hear mella mella
    • Hear nela nela
    • Hear nella nella
    • Hear pella pella
    • Hear rella rella
    • Hear sela sela
    • Hear sella sella
    • Hear stella stella
    • Hear svehla svehla
    • Hear swehla swehla
    • Hear tele tele
    • Hear trela trela
    • Hear trella trella
    • Hear vela vela
    • Hear vella vella
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abdella abdella
    • Hear abela abela
    • Hear abella abella
    • Hear adela adela
    • Hear agnella agnella
    • Hear akella akella
    • Hear arbella arbella
    • Hear ardella ardella
    • Hear avella avella
    • Hear barbella barbella
    • Hear barcella barcella
    • Hear barela barela
    • Hear borella borella
    • Hear bruella bruella
    • Hear brunella brunella
    • Hear candela candela
    • Hear candella candella
    • Hear cannella cannella
    • Hear capella capella
    • Hear cappella cappella
    • Hear cardella cardella
    • Hear carella carella
    • Hear carmela carmela
    • Hear casella casella
    • Hear cassella cassella
    • Hear centrella centrella
    • Hear ciaobella ciaobella
    • Hear colella colella
    • Hear comella comella
    • Hear corella corella
    • Hear cornela cornela
    • Hear costella costella
    • Hear cretella cretella
    • Hear danella danella
    • Hear daniela daniela
    • Hear daniella daniella
    • Hear debella debella
    • Hear dibella dibella
    • Hear dilella dilella
    • Hear donella donella
    • Hear druella druella
    • Hear estella estella
    • Hear estrella estrella
    • Hear fabela fabela
    • Hear faiella faiella
    • Hear favela favela
    • Hear fenella fenella
    • Hear finella finella
    • Hear flagella flagella
    • Hear frascella frascella
    • Hear fredella fredella
    • Hear frisella frisella
    • Hear gardella gardella
    • Hear gazella gazella
    • Hear ghidella ghidella
    • Hear gisella gisella
    • Hear gonnella gonnella
    • Hear guastella guastella
    • Hear gusella gusella
    • Hear janella janella
    • Hear junella junella
    • Hear kinsella kinsella
    • Hear labella labella
    • Hear latella latella
    • Hear loella loella
    • Hear louella louella
    • Hear ludella ludella
    • Hear luella luella
    • Hear madella madella
    • Hear mandela mandela
    • Hear mandella mandella
    • Hear manella manella
    • Hear mannella mannella
    • Hear manzella manzella
    • Hear marbella marbella
    • Hear marcela marcela
    • Hear marcella marcella
    • Hear marella marella
    • Hear marsella marsella
    • Hear martella martella
    • Hear marvella marvella
    • Hear masella masella
    • Hear mazzella mazzella
    • Hear mennella mennella
    • Hear michaela michaela
    • Hear michaella michaella
    • Hear minella minella
    • Hear mirella mirella
    • Hear montella montella
    • Hear morella morella
    • Hear moschella moschella
    • Hear nardella nardella
    • Hear niemela niemela
    • Hear nocella nocella
    • Hear novella novella
    • Hear odella odella
    • Hear ordella ordella
    • Hear orela orela
    • Hear pacella pacella
    • Hear pamella pamella
    • Hear panella panella
    • Hear parella parella
    • Hear parnella parnella
    • Hear parrella parrella
    • Hear patella patella
    • Hear pennella pennella
    • Hear perella perella
    • Hear pernella pernella
    • Hear perrella perrella
    • Hear petrella petrella
    • Hear pezzella pezzella
    • Hear porcella porcella
    • Hear portela portela
    • Hear prunella prunella
    • Hear radella radella
    • Hear ramella ramella
    • Hear rinella rinella
    • Hear rochella rochella
    • Hear rodela rodela
    • Hear romella romella
    • Hear rosella rosella
    • Hear rotella rotella
    • Hear rozella rozella
    • Hear rubella rubella
    • Hear ruella ruella
    • Hear sabella sabella
    • Hear sadella sadella
    • Hear samella samella
    • Hear santella santella
    • Hear sardella sardella
    • Hear scarcella scarcella
    • Hear scarsella scarsella
    • Hear spinella spinella
    • Hear tordella tordella
    • Hear valsella valsella
    • Hear vandella vandella
    • Hear vanella vanella
    • Hear vendela vendela
    • Hear ventrella ventrella
    • Hear villella villella
    • Hear viyella viyella
    • Hear zanella zanella
    • Hear zarella zarella
    • Hear zarrella zarrella
    • Hear zirella zirella
    • Hear
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear acocella acocella
    • Hear annabella annabella
    • Hear apicella apicella
    • Hear arabella arabella
    • Hear arenella arenella
    • Hear ariella ariella
    • Hear cafarella cafarella
    • Hear campanella campanella
    • Hear caravella caravella
    • Hear carosella carosella
    • Hear chiarella chiarella
    • Hear ciaramella ciaramella
    • Hear ciavarella ciavarella
    • Hear cinderella cinderella
    • Hear citronella citronella
    • Hear colabella colabella
    • Hear farinella farinella
    • Hear fiorella fiorella
    • Hear fontanella fontanella
    • Hear gabriela gabriela
    • Hear gabriella gabriella
    • Hear gambardella gambardella
    • Hear gialanella gialanella
    • Hear isabella isabella
    • Hear lauricella lauricella
    • Hear marabella marabella
    • Hear mazzarella mazzarella
    • Hear mirabella mirabella
    • Hear muscarella muscarella
    • Hear panzarella panzarella
    • Hear paolella paolella
    • Hear paparella paparella
    • Hear pascarella pascarella
    • Hear pasquarella pasquarella
    • Hear passarella passarella
    • Hear petronella petronella
    • Hear salmonella salmonella
    • Hear samuela samuela
    • Hear serritella serritella
    • Hear taravella taravella
    • Hear tortorella tortorella
    • Hear vaccarella vaccarella
    • Hear venturella venturella
    • Hear volpicella volpicella
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear elmootazbellah elmootazbellah

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