Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ tahy-ger ]

Definition: Play

n. 1 large feline of forests in most of Asia having a tawny coat with black stripes; 2 a fierce or audacious person

Sentence: Play Play

We saw a tiger at the zoo.

More example sentences:

We saw a tiger at the zoo.

Hear it Hear it

When do tiger cubs leave their mother?

Hear it Hear it

What did Madeline say to the tiger at the zoo?

Hear it Hear it

How many cubs does a female tiger have at a time?

Hear it Hear it

Why did Lily think the tiger lily was so big?

Hear it Hear it

What does the name of the tiger lord, Daskin Ray, mean?

Hear it Hear it

What is the first thing the tiger does when he gets up in the morning?

Hear it Hear it

What kind of hat did the tiger lily snap off of Lily's head?

Hear it Hear it

What did Lily like to give the tiger lily to drink?

Hear it Hear it

What happens when the tiger enters what he thinks is a hideaway?

Hear it Hear it

How often does a tiger catch the prey it hunts?

Hear it Hear it

What is a baby tiger called?

Hear it Hear it

Why can a tiger move silently through any terrain?

Hear it Hear it

What happens to a tiger shark's stripes as they get older?

Hear it Hear it

How did the tiger escape his cage?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

large cat; large feline; big cat

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in tiger?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide tiger into syllables:


Tiger rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear feiger feiger
    • Hear geiger geiger
    • Hear giger giger
    • Hear gyger gyger
    • Hear iger iger
    • Hear kiger kiger
    • Hear kreiger kreiger
    • Hear kriger kriger
    • Hear kryger kryger
    • Hear kyger kyger
    • Hear neiger neiger
    • Hear reiger reiger
    • Hear schleiger schleiger
    • Hear schwaiger schwaiger
    • Hear schweiger schweiger
    • Hear seiger seiger
    • Hear sliger sliger
    • Hear staiger staiger
    • Hear steiger steiger
    • Hear sswiger sswiger
    • Hear tigar tigar
    • Hear tyger tyger
    • Hear viger viger
    • Hear zeiger zeiger

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