Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ suh-van-uh ]

Definition: Play

n. a flat plain covered with grass and few trees. They are found in Africa and other tropical regions.

Sentence: Play Play

The gazelle is grazing in the savanna.

More example sentences:

The gazelle is grazing in the savanna.

Hear it Hear it

When the savanna is dry, what do elephants do to get food?

Hear it Hear it

What are the two distinct seasons of the savanna ecosystem?

Hear it Hear it

If they had what they would ride savanna trails?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

grassland; plain; meadow

Antonyms: Play

sand dunes

How many syllables in savanna?

3 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide savanna into syllables:


Savanna rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear ana ana
    • Hear anna anna
    • Hear branna branna
    • Hear cana cana
    • Hear chana chana
    • Hear danna danna
    • Hear flanna flanna
    • Hear frana frana
    • Hear ghana ghana
    • Hear grana grana
    • Hear hana hana
    • Hear hanna hanna
    • Hear hannah hannah
    • Hear jana jana
    • Hear janna janna
    • Hear kana kana
    • Hear khanna khanna
    • Hear lana lana
    • Hear lanna lanna
    • Hear llana llana
    • Hear manna manna
    • Hear nana nana
    • Hear nanna nanna
    • Hear rana rana
    • Hear sanna sanna
    • Hear santa's santa's
    • Hear santa santa
    • Hear shana shana
    • Hear vana vana
    • Hear vanna vanna
    • Hear vrana vrana
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear alana alana
    • Hear aldana aldana
    • Hear amana amana
    • Hear arana arana
    • Hear arcana arcana
    • Hear arlana arlana
    • Hear atlanta atlanta
    • Hear avana avana
    • Hear banana banana
    • Hear bandana bandana
    • Hear briana briana
    • Hear brianna brianna
    • Hear cabana cabana
    • Hear campana campana
    • Hear deana deana
    • Hear deanna deanna
    • Hear diana diana
    • Hear dianna dianna
    • Hear duana duana
    • Hear dulciana dulciana
    • Hear dyana dyana
    • Hear edana edana
    • Hear fianna fianna
    • Hear fontana fontana
    • Hear gitana gitana
    • Hear haldana haldana
    • Hear havana havana
    • Hear heryana heryana
    • Hear humana humana
    • Hear joanna joanna
    • Hear johanna johanna
    • Hear jordana jordana
    • Hear lacana lacana
    • Hear lagana lagana
    • Hear lantana lantana
    • Hear levana levana
    • Hear louanna louanna
    • Hear luana luana
    • Hear luwana luwana
    • Hear magana magana
    • Hear mahannah mahannah
    • Hear mccanna mccanna
    • Hear mckanna mckanna
    • Hear messana messana
    • Hear montana montana
    • Hear morgana morgana
    • Hear nervana nervana
    • Hear nolana nolana
    • Hear ocana ocana
    • Hear oksana oksana
    • Hear pastrana pastrana
    • Hear pestana pestana
    • Hear philana philana
    • Hear piana piana
    • Hear piano piano
    • Hear pizana pizana
    • Hear quintana quintana
    • Hear retana retana
    • Hear rexana rexana
    • Hear rohana rohana
    • Hear rosanna rosanna
    • Hear roxana roxana
    • Hear roxanna roxanna
    • Hear saldana saldana
    • Hear santana santana
    • Hear savannah savannah
    • Hear shibanna shibanna
    • Hear solana solana
    • Hear stevana stevana
    • Hear susanna susanna
    • Hear susannah susannah
    • Hear suzanna suzanna
    • Hear sylvana sylvana
    • Hear terrana terrana
    • Hear triana triana
    • Hear urbana urbana
    • Hear viana viana
    • Hear zambrana zambrana
    • Hear zorana zorana
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear adriana adriana
    • Hear andriana andriana
    • Hear ariana ariana
    • Hear arianna arianna
    • Hear caruana caruana
    • Hear castellana castellana
    • Hear christiana christiana
    • Hear christianna christianna
    • Hear cusiana cusiana
    • Hear georgiana georgiana
    • Hear gloriana gloriana
    • Hear ileana ileana
    • Hear indiana indiana
    • Hear juliana juliana
    • Hear lapiana lapiana
    • Hear liliana liliana
    • Hear lilliana lilliana
    • Hear lorenzana lorenzana
    • Hear maiorana maiorana
    • Hear mariana mariana
    • Hear martorana martorana
    • Hear mexicana mexicana
    • Hear nelliana nelliana
    • Hear orellana orellana
    • Hear oriana oriana
    • Hear pollyanna pollyanna
    • Hear susquehanna susquehanna
    • Hear tatiana tatiana
    • Hear texarkana texarkana
    • Hear tramontana tramontana
    • Hear tropicana tropicana
    • Hear villafana villafana
    • Hear villagrana villagrana
    • Hear villasana villasana
    • Hear viviana viviana
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear americana americana
    • Hear copacabana copacabana
    • Hear dominicana dominicana
    • Hear italiana italiana
    • Hear louisiana louisiana

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