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Phonetic Respelling: [ suh-har-uh, -hair-uh, -hahr-uh ]

Definition: Play

n. the world's largest desert 3500000 square miles in northern Africa

Sentence: Play Play

Sahara is located in northern Africa.

More example sentences:

Sahara is located in northern Africa.

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The Sahara Desert is the worlds largest desert.

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Where is the Sahara Desert located?

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The Sahara Desert is the worlds largest desert.

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Western Sahara has rich phosphate deposits.

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Mr. Sahara created a new invention to help people.

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The harmattan blew across the Sahara desert.

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Western Sahara has rich phosphate deposits..

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How many syllables in Sahara?

3 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide Sahara into syllables:


Sahara rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear beara beara
    • Hear bera bera
    • Hear berra berra
    • Hear cara cara
    • Hear cera cera
    • Hear cerra cerra
    • Hear darragh darragh
    • Hear eire eire
    • Hear era era
    • Hear erra erra
    • Hear farah farah
    • Hear farrah farrah
    • Hear fera fera
    • Hear ferra ferra
    • Hear gera gera
    • Hear guerra guerra
    • Hear hara hara
    • Hear kara kara
    • Hear kera kera
    • Hear leora leora
    • Hear naira naira
    • Hear neira neira
    • Hear para para
    • Hear sara sara
    • Hear sarah sarah
    • Hear serra serra
    • Hear sferra sferra
    • Hear spera spera
    • Hear tara tara
    • Hear terra terra
    • Hear terre terre
    • Hear thera thera
    • Hear vera vera
    • Hear zera zera
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear acerra acerra
    • Hear altera altera
    • Hear avera avera
    • Hear barbera barbera
    • Hear bardera bardera
    • Hear barrera barrera
    • Hear basara basara
    • Hear becerra becerra
    • Hear bopera bopera
    • Hear butera butera
    • Hear cabrera cabrera
    • Hear caldeira caldeira
    • Hear caldera caldera
    • Hear canberra canberra
    • Hear canterra canterra
    • Hear carreira carreira
    • Hear carrera carrera
    • Hear cartera cartera
    • Hear casera casera
    • Hear cervera cervera
    • Hear chimera chimera
    • Hear correira correira
    • Hear devera devera
    • Hear elvera elvera
    • Hear emera emera
    • Hear enterra enterra
    • Hear ferrera ferrera
    • Hear fichera fichera
    • Hear figueira figueira
    • Hear fodera fodera
    • Hear frontera frontera
    • Hear guerrera guerrera
    • Hear guidera guidera
    • Hear herrera herrera
    • Hear hespera hespera
    • Hear higuera higuera
    • Hear imcera imcera
    • Hear inserra inserra
    • Hear kuchera kuchera
    • Hear kundera kundera
    • Hear kyocera kyocera
    • Hear lepera lepera
    • Hear luera luera
    • Hear macera macera
    • Hear madera madera
    • Hear mancera mancera
    • Hear mascara mascara
    • Hear matera matera
    • Hear mattera mattera
    • Hear mezera mezera
    • Hear minera minera
    • Hear moreira moreira
    • Hear morera morera
    • Hear morjera morjera
    • Hear mosquera mosquera
    • Hear najera najera
    • Hear nocera nocera
    • Hear nogueira nogueira
    • Hear noguera noguera
    • Hear o'hara o'hara
    • Hear olvera olvera
    • Hear patera patera
    • Hear pereira pereira
    • Hear perera perera
    • Hear pereyra pereyra
    • Hear perreira perreira
    • Hear portera portera
    • Hear prospera prospera
    • Hear provera provera
    • Hear ribera ribera
    • Hear rivera rivera
    • Hear sahara sahara
    • Hear scalera scalera
    • Hear sequeira sequeira
    • Hear severa severa
    • Hear sierra sierra
    • Hear silveira silveira
    • Hear silvera silvera
    • Hear sutera sutera
    • Hear svizzera svizzera
    • Hear tavera tavera
    • Hear teixeira teixeira
    • Hear tenera tenera
    • Hear texeira texeira
    • Hear tigera tigera
    • Hear valera valera
    • Hear vaquera vaquera
    • Hear vespera vespera
    • Hear vieira vieira
    • Hear vieyra vieyra
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aguilera aguilera
    • Hear asamera asamera
    • Hear bonasera bonasera
    • Hear calcaterra calcaterra
    • Hear costeira costeira
    • Hear deherrera deherrera
    • Hear escalera escalera
    • Hear guayabera guayabera
    • Hear labarbera labarbera
    • Hear nicotera nicotera
    • Hear olivera olivera
    • Hear oseguera oseguera
    • Hear primavera primavera
    • Hear privitera privitera
    • Hear riviera riviera
    • Hear talavera talavera
    • Hear vinciguerra vinciguerra
    • Hear xaviera xaviera
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear financiera financiera
    • Hear tabacalera tabacalera

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