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Phonetic Respelling: [ ra-koon ]

Definition: Play

n. a small North American mammal that is mostly gray with a black mask has a bushy ringed tail and is active at night

Sentence: Play Play

The raccoon washed the fish before eating it.

More example sentences:

The raccoon washed the fish before eating it.

Hear it Hear it

When do raccoon hunt?

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What did the raccoon hide in the corner of the quilt?

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What surprising thing does Jenny find in the raccoon trash?

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Who did raccoon bring to the Harvest Moon Party?

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What color are the eye patches on raccoon eyes?

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What do raccoon mothers teach their young ones to do at about 10 weeks?

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What do raccoon tails have on them?

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What doesn't the raccoon ask the girl for?

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What would D.J. do with the white raccoon if he caught it?

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Where did the raccoon make his bed?

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When Sterling let the raccoon have his freedom, what did he keep as a souvenir?

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The kinkajou is related to the raccoon.

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Why does the raccoon drop the iPod?

Hear it Hear it

What does the mother raccoon teach the baby?

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Synonyms: Play

coon;masked bandit; small nocturnal mammal

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in raccoon?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide raccoon into syllables:


Raccoon rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear boon boon
    • Hear boone boone
    • Hear broun broun
    • Hear bruen bruen
    • Hear brune brune
    • Hear bruun bruun
    • Hear choon choon
    • Hear clune clune
    • Hear coon coon
    • Hear coone coone
    • Hear croon croon
    • Hear dune dune
    • Hear goon goon
    • Hear gruen gruen
    • Hear heun heun
    • Hear hewn hewn
    • Hear hoon hoon
    • Hear joon joon
    • Hear june june
    • Hear keune keune
    • Hear koon koon
    • Hear koone koone
    • Hear kroon kroon
    • Hear kuehn kuehn
    • Hear kuehne kuehne
    • Hear kuhn kuhn
    • Hear loon loon
    • Hear mhoon mhoon
    • Hear moon moon
    • Hear moone moone
    • Hear noon noon
    • Hear noone noone
    • Hear poon poon
    • Hear prune prune
    • Hear roone roone
    • Hear schoon schoon
    • Hear shoen shoen
    • Hear soon soon
    • Hear spoon spoon
    • Hear strewn strewn
    • Hear suen suen
    • Hear swoon swoon
    • Hear thune thune
    • Hear toon toon
    • Hear toone toone
    • Hear troon troon
    • Hear tune tune
    • Hear yoon yoon
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear antoon antoon
    • Hear aoun aoun
    • Hear attune attune
    • Hear baboon baboon
    • Hear balloon balloon
    • Hear banoun banoun
    • Hear barloon barloon
    • Hear bassoon bassoon
    • Hear bethune bethune
    • Hear buffoon buffoon
    • Hear cahoon cahoon
    • Hear calhoon calhoon
    • Hear calhoun calhoun
    • Hear cancun cancun
    • Hear cardoon cardoon
    • Hear cartoon cartoon
    • Hear cocoon cocoon
    • Hear cohoon cohoon
    • Hear commune commune
    • Hear corroon corroon
    • Hear dekroon dekroon
    • Hear festoon festoon
    • Hear galloon galloon
    • Hear hamdoon hamdoon
    • Hear harpoon harpoon
    • Hear harroun harroun
    • Hear huntoon huntoon
    • Hear immune immune
    • Hear impugn impugn
    • Hear karoun karoun
    • Hear karun karun
    • Hear laffoon laffoon
    • Hear lagoon lagoon
    • Hear lampoon lampoon
    • Hear liqun liqun
    • Hear magoon magoon
    • Hear majnoon majnoon
    • Hear maroon maroon
    • Hear mattoon mattoon
    • Hear mcclune mcclune
    • Hear mccuen mccuen
    • Hear mccune mccune
    • Hear mckune mckune
    • Hear monsoon monsoon
    • Hear muldoon muldoon
    • Hear platoon platoon
    • Hear pontoon pontoon
    • Hear rangoon rangoon
    • Hear saloon saloon
    • Hear sassoon sassoon
    • Hear terhune terhune
    • Hear tycoon tycoon
    • Hear typhoon typhoon
    • Hear verboon verboon
    • Hear xiaoyun xiaoyun
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear afternoon afternoon
    • Hear disharoon disharoon
    • Hear ducommun ducommun
    • Hear opportune opportune
    • Hear picayune picayune
    • Hear viromune viromune
    • Hear wotherspoon wotherspoon
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear contrabassoon contrabassoon
    • Hear inopportune inopportune

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