Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ poh-nee ]

Definition: Play

n. 1 any of various breeds of small gentle horses usually less than five feet high at the shoulder; 2 a small glass adequate to hold a single swallow of whiskey

Sentence: Play Play

Billy's pony was named Blaze.

More example sentences:

Billy's pony was named Blaze.

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What type of animal did Stacy compare a Shetland pony to?

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What was Princess Pinecone and her pony voted after the battle?

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What did the pony do when it was scared?

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Who was not going to Nancy's for the sleepover and pony movie?

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Why did Rooster run the pony to death?

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How did Billy's pony get the name 'Blaze?'

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Whose family had a pony farm?

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Who guided the mud pony and the boy to his people?

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Why did the chief (boy) cover the mud pony with a blanket to protect her from the rain?

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Why couldn't Tommy's father and Billy find a suitable pony for Tommy?

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Who was NOT a pony leader in the play?

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What is the only kind of pony Grandfather Li can afford?

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How fast can a pony gallop?

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By keeping the mud pony with him and always listening to her advice, the boy became:

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Synonyms: Play

small horse; equine species; horse

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in pony?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide pony into syllables:


Pony rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear boney boney
    • Hear boni boni
    • Hear bony bony
    • Hear coney coney
    • Hear croney croney
    • Hear crony crony
    • Hear droney droney
    • Hear joni joni
    • Hear loney loney
    • Hear lowney lowney
    • Hear mony mony
    • Hear oney oney
    • Hear phoney phoney
    • Hear phony phony
    • Hear rhoney rhoney
    • Hear roney roney
    • Hear roni roni
    • Hear rowney rowney
    • Hear rowny rowny
    • Hear shoney shoney
    • Hear soni soni
    • Hear sony sony
    • Hear stoney stoney
    • Hear stony stony
    • Hear toney toney
    • Hear toni toni
    • Hear tonie tonie
    • Hear tony tony
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear antone antone
    • Hear antoni antoni
    • Hear arnone arnone
    • Hear balboni balboni
    • Hear baldoni baldoni
    • Hear baloney baloney
    • Hear baroni baroni
    • Hear bartone bartone
    • Hear bellone bellone
    • Hear benoni benoni
    • Hear bertone bertone
    • Hear bertoni bertoni
    • Hear bologna bologna
    • Hear bottone bottone
    • Hear buffone buffone
    • Hear buitoni buitoni
    • Hear cadrone cadrone
    • Hear cannone cannone
    • Hear cantone cantone
    • Hear caponi caponi
    • Hear carboni carboni
    • Hear carcione carcione
    • Hear cardone cardone
    • Hear cardoni cardoni
    • Hear carlone carlone
    • Hear carloni carloni
    • Hear cascone cascone
    • Hear cassone cassone
    • Hear cassoni cassoni
    • Hear cecconi cecconi
    • Hear cercone cercone
    • Hear cerone cerone
    • Hear cerrone cerrone
    • Hear cervone cervone
    • Hear ciccone ciccone
    • Hear cotrone cotrone
    • Hear cottone cottone
    • Hear criscione criscione
    • Hear cutrone cutrone
    • Hear dantoni dantoni
    • Hear falcone falcone
    • Hear falconi falconi
    • Hear falzone falzone
    • Hear fasone fasone
    • Hear ferrone ferrone
    • Hear forgione forgione
    • Hear franzone franzone
    • Hear franzoni franzoni
    • Hear gaccione gaccione
    • Hear govoni govoni
    • Hear gualdoni gualdoni
    • Hear guccione guccione
    • Hear guidone guidone
    • Hear idoney idoney
    • Hear ione ione
    • Hear joyoni joyoni
    • Hear lagrone lagrone
    • Hear lalone lalone
    • Hear langone langone
    • Hear lecrone lecrone
    • Hear lencioni lencioni
    • Hear leoni leoni
    • Hear magnone magnone
    • Hear mahoney mahoney
    • Hear maloney maloney
    • Hear mangione mangione
    • Hear mangone mangone
    • Hear marcone marcone
    • Hear marconi marconi
    • Hear maroney maroney
    • Hear maroni maroni
    • Hear marrone marrone
    • Hear martone martone
    • Hear massoni massoni
    • Hear mazzone mazzone
    • Hear mazzoni mazzoni
    • Hear melone melone
    • Hear meloni meloni
    • Hear menconi menconi
    • Hear mignone mignone
    • Hear moloney moloney
    • Hear montone montone
    • Hear moroney moroney
    • Hear moroni moroni
    • Hear morrone morrone
    • Hear mulroney mulroney
    • Hear nardone nardone
    • Hear negroni negroni
    • Hear ogoni ogoni
    • Hear paccione paccione
    • Hear pallone pallone
    • Hear pannone pannone
    • Hear patrone patrone
    • Hear peroni peroni
    • Hear perrone perrone
    • Hear petrone petrone
    • Hear petroni petroni
    • Hear piccione piccione
    • Hear piccone piccone
    • Hear pieroni pieroni
    • Hear pignone pignone
    • Hear pirrone pirrone
    • Hear pisoni pisoni
    • Hear quattrone quattrone
    • Hear ragone ragone
    • Hear rigoni rigoni
    • Hear rusconi rusconi
    • Hear saccone saccone
    • Hear santone santone
    • Hear santoni santoni
    • Hear sanzone sanzone
    • Hear sapone sapone
    • Hear sassone sassone
    • Hear scarpone scarpone
    • Hear sciclone sciclone
    • Hear shoshone shoshone
    • Hear simoni simoni
    • Hear sindoni sindoni
    • Hear sordoni sordoni
    • Hear spadoni spadoni
    • Hear tassone tassone
    • Hear timpone timpone
    • Hear vallone vallone
    • Hear zaccone zaccone
    • Hear zanoni zanoni
    • Hear zappone zappone
    • Hear zarcone zarcone
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abalone abalone
    • Hear andreoni andreoni
    • Hear angelone angelone
    • Hear angeloni angeloni
    • Hear arrigoni arrigoni
    • Hear battistoni battistoni
    • Hear bellantoni bellantoni
    • Hear berlascone berlascone
    • Hear berlusconi berlusconi
    • Hear bernasconi bernasconi
    • Hear bianconi bianconi
    • Hear brustoloni brustoloni
    • Hear calderone calderone
    • Hear campione campione
    • Hear carusone carusone
    • Hear chiappone chiappone
    • Hear cipollone cipollone
    • Hear cirincione cirincione
    • Hear cirrincione cirrincione
    • Hear desimone desimone
    • Hear disimone disimone
    • Hear etzioni etzioni
    • Hear faraone faraone
    • Hear francesconi francesconi
    • Hear gaglione gaglione
    • Hear giacone giacone
    • Hear giovannoni giovannoni
    • Hear iannone iannone
    • Hear leverone leverone
    • Hear macaroni macaroni
    • Hear maglione maglione
    • Hear mantione mantione
    • Hear manzione manzione
    • Hear marchione marchione
    • Hear menzione menzione
    • Hear nakasone nakasone
    • Hear pepperoni pepperoni
    • Hear perricone perricone
    • Hear polifroni polifroni
    • Hear rigatoni rigatoni
    • Hear rugeroni rugeroni
    • Hear salizzoni salizzoni
    • Hear salomone salomone
    • Hear scaglione scaglione
    • Hear schiavone schiavone
    • Hear schiavoni schiavoni
    • Hear sciaroni sciaroni
    • Hear scipione scipione
    • Hear simione simione
    • Hear stanzione stanzione
    • Hear terrebonne terrebonne
    • Hear tucciarone tucciarone
    • Hear vecchione vecchione
    • Hear viglione viglione
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear biagioni biagioni
    • Hear caltagirone caltagirone
    • Hear castiglione castiglione
    • Hear domeniconi domeniconi
    • Hear edizione edizione
    • Hear iannaccone iannaccone
    • Hear iannacone iannacone
    • Hear iavarone iavarone
    • Hear monteleone monteleone
    • Hear religione religione
    • Hear tartaglione tartaglione
  • Six Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aviazione aviazione
    • Hear ricostruzione ricostruzione
  • Seven Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear assicurazioni assicurazioni
    • Hear partecipazioni partecipazioni

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