Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ pair ]

Definition: Play

n. 1 sweet juicy gritty-textured fruit available in many varieties; 2 Old World tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit; widely cultivated in many varieties

Sentence: Play Play

My favorite fruit is a pear.

More example sentences:

My favorite fruit is a pear.

Hear it Hear it

Pair and pear are homonyms.

Hear it Hear it

I bit into the pear.

Hear it Hear it

What does Babymouse want instead of a partridge in a pear tree?

Hear it Hear it

Where did Elodee get the recipe for the jasmine olive oil cake with white chocolate pear frosting?

Hear it Hear it

A peccary eats prickly pear cacti.

Hear it Hear it

When the children were under the pear tree, what did they do?

Hear it Hear it

The Bartlett pear was very juicy.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

edible fruit; fleshy fruit; pome

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in pear?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide pear into syllables:


Pear rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aer aer
    • Hear air air
    • Hear ayre ayre
    • Hear baehr baehr
    • Hear baer baer
    • Hear bahr bahr
    • Hear bair bair
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    • Hear bear bear
    • Hear behr behr
    • Hear blair blair
    • Hear blare blare
    • Hear caire caire
    • Hear care care
    • Hear chair chair
    • Hear cher cher
    • Hear clair clair
    • Hear claire claire
    • Hear clare clare
    • Hear dare dare
    • Hear darr darr
    • Hear derr derr
    • Hear dreher dreher
    • Hear err err
    • Hear eyre eyre
    • Hear fair fair
    • Hear faire faire
    • Hear fare fare
    • Hear fehr fehr
    • Hear fer fer
    • Hear ferre ferre
    • Hear flair flair
    • Hear flare flare
    • Hear fraire fraire
    • Hear freyre freyre
    • Hear gair gair
    • Hear gare gare
    • Hear gehr gehr
    • Hear glare glare
    • Hear guerre guerre
    • Hear hair hair
    • Hear haire haire
    • Hear hairr hairr
    • Hear hare hare
    • Hear hehr hehr
    • Hear heir heir
    • Hear herr herr
    • Hear herre herre
    • Hear kahre kahre
    • Hear kehr kehr
    • Hear khmer khmer
    • Hear klare klare
    • Hear knerr knerr
    • Hear kreher kreher
    • Hear lair lair
    • Hear lare lare
    • Hear lehr lehr
    • Hear mair mair
    • Hear maire maire
    • Hear mare mare
    • Hear mehr mehr
    • Hear mer mer
    • Hear nair nair
    • Hear ne'er ne'er
    • Hear pair pair
    • Hear pare pare
    • Hear phair phair
    • Hear plair plair
    • Hear prayer prayer
    • Hear rare rare
    • Hear reher reher
    • Hear sare sare
    • Hear sayre sayre
    • Hear scare scare
    • Hear schehr schehr
    • Hear scherr scherr
    • Hear sehr sehr
    • Hear serr serr
    • Hear share share
    • Hear sherr sherr
    • Hear skare skare
    • Hear snare snare
    • Hear spare spare
    • Hear square square
    • Hear stair stair
    • Hear stare stare
    • Hear stehr stehr
    • Hear sterr sterr
    • Hear swear swear
    • Hear tear tear
    • Hear terre terre
    • Hear their their
    • Hear there there
    • Hear they're they're
    • Hear traer traer
    • Hear ware ware
    • Hear wear wear
    • Hear wehr wehr
    • Hear werre werre
    • Hear where where
    • Hear zehr zehr
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abair abair
    • Hear adair adair
    • Hear adaire adaire
    • Hear addair addair
    • Hear affair affair
    • Hear alair alair
    • Hear allaire allaire
    • Hear astaire astaire
    • Hear auclair auclair
    • Hear aware aware
    • Hear bancaire bancaire
    • Hear beaufrere beaufrere
    • Hear belair belair
    • Hear belaire belaire
    • Hear beware beware
    • Hear bezaire bezaire
    • Hear boisclair boisclair
    • Hear coderre coderre
    • Hear comair comair
    • Hear compare compare
    • Hear convair convair
    • Hear corriere corriere
    • Hear declare declare
    • Hear delair delair
    • Hear despair despair
    • Hear dispair dispair
    • Hear ensnare ensnare
    • Hear forswear forswear
    • Hear frontiere frontiere
    • Hear geniere geniere
    • Hear gisclair gisclair
    • Hear glenayre glenayre
    • Hear impair impair
    • Hear kenmare kenmare
    • Hear laware laware
    • Hear leclaire leclaire
    • Hear lefrere lefrere
    • Hear lemaire lemaire
    • Hear macnair macnair
    • Hear mcnair mcnair
    • Hear midair midair
    • Hear moliere moliere
    • Hear montclair montclair
    • Hear o'hare o'hare
    • Hear opere opere
    • Hear pentair pentair
    • Hear pershare pershare
    • Hear pierre pierre
    • Hear praxair praxair
    • Hear prepare prepare
    • Hear repair repair
    • Hear santerre santerre
    • Hear sinclair sinclair
    • Hear st_clair st_clair
    • Hear st_claire st_claire
    • Hear swissair swissair
    • Hear takecare takecare
    • Hear trosclair trosclair
    • Hear unfair unfair
    • Hear voltaire voltaire
    • Hear westair westair
    • Hear whitehair whitehair
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear almaguer almaguer
    • Hear bellemare bellemare
    • Hear billionaire billionaire
    • Hear canadair canadair
    • Hear debonair debonair
    • Hear disrepair disrepair
    • Hear doctrinaire doctrinaire
    • Hear icelandair icelandair
    • Hear javier javier
    • Hear jeanpierre jeanpierre
    • Hear larosiere larosiere
    • Hear laterriere laterriere
    • Hear maxicare maxicare
    • Hear microware microware
    • Hear millionaire millionaire
    • Hear nationair nationair
    • Hear questionnaire questionnaire
    • Hear solitaire solitaire
    • Hear st_pierre st_pierre
    • Hear unaware unaware
    • Hear usair usair
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear concessionaire concessionaire
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear euromobiliare euromobiliare
    • Hear multimillionaire multimillionaire

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