Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ pey-shuhnt ]

Definition: Play

plural n. One who receives medical attention care or treatment. adj. accepting pains or hardships calmly or without complaint

Sentence: Play Play

All the patients in the Children's Hospital are under the age of eighteen.

More example sentences:

All the patients in the Children's Hospital are under the age of eighteen.

Hear it Hear it

The doctor needs to vaccinate his patients.

Hear it Hear it

Which accurately describes how she felt about what she and the other teenage patients accomplished daily.

Hear it Hear it

Where do most patients go first in the hospital according to Dr. Grizzly?

Hear it Hear it

What do most patients who are in the hospital want to know from the doctor?

Hear it Hear it

What kind of patients does Dr. Twiggles treat?

Hear it Hear it

What did the patients drink to relieve their pain in the 1800's?

Hear it Hear it

CBT therapy is often used to treat patients with ADHD.

Hear it Hear it

How does Amelia Bedelia make the patients happy?

Hear it Hear it

We prescreen patients prior to scheduling.

Hear it Hear it

Miss Root insists all her patients call her what?

Hear it Hear it

The treatment showed signs of being efficacious for this group of patients.

Hear it Hear it

Nurses do more than give patients medicine. What else do they do?

Hear it Hear it

Doctors use latex gloves when examining their patients.

Hear it Hear it

Doctors often medicate patients prior to surgery.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

receiving medical care; long-suffering; tolerant

Antonyms: Play

well person; fed up; impatient

How many syllables in patients?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide patients into syllables:


Patients rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear patient's patient's
    • Hear patients' 5: abortifacients patients' 5: abortifacients
    • Hear haitians haitians
    • Hear haitiens haitiens
    • Hear nation's nation's
    • Hear nations nations
    • Hear nations' nations'
    • Hear station's station's
    • Hear stations stations
    • Hear stations' stations'
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear carnations carnations
    • Hear castrations castrations
    • Hear citations citations
    • Hear creations creations
    • Hear croatian's croatian's
    • Hear croatians croatians
    • Hear croatians' croatians'
    • Hear crustaceans crustaceans
    • Hear dalmatians dalmatians
    • Hear donations donations
    • Hear durations durations
    • Hear flirtations flirtations
    • Hear formations formations
    • Hear foundation's foundation's
    • Hear foundations foundations
    • Hear frustrations frustrations
    • Hear gradations gradations
    • Hear gyrations gyrations
    • Hear impatiens impatiens
    • Hear inflation's inflation's
    • Hear locations locations
    • Hear migrations migrations
    • Hear mutations mutations
    • Hear notations notations
    • Hear orations orations
    • Hear ovations ovations
    • Hear plantations plantations
    • Hear privations privations
    • Hear quotations quotations
    • Hear relations relations
    • Hear rotations rotations
    • Hear sensations sensations
    • Hear summations summations
    • Hear temptations temptations
    • Hear translations translations
    • Hear vacations vacations
    • Hear vibrations vibrations
    • Hear vocations vocations
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aberrations aberrations
    • Hear accusations accusations
    • Hear adaptations adaptations
    • Hear affirmations affirmations
    • Hear allegations allegations
    • Hear allocations allocations
    • Hear alterations alterations
    • Hear altercations altercations
    • Hear amputations amputations
    • Hear animations animations
    • Hear annotations annotations
    • Hear appalachians appalachians
    • Hear appellations appellations
    • Hear applications applications
    • Hear arbitrations arbitrations
    • Hear aspirations aspirations
    • Hear aviation's aviation's
    • Hear calculations calculations
    • Hear cancellations cancellations
    • Hear celebrations celebrations
    • Hear circulations circulations
    • Hear combinations combinations
    • Hear compensations compensations
    • Hear compilations compilations
    • Hear complications complications
    • Hear computations computations
    • Hear concentrations concentrations
    • Hear condemnations condemnations
    • Hear confirmations confirmations
    • Hear confrontations confrontations
    • Hear congregation's congregation's
    • Hear congregations congregations
    • Hear conjugations conjugations
    • Hear connotations connotations
    • Hear consecrations consecrations
    • Hear consolations consolations
    • Hear constellation's constellation's
    • Hear constellations constellations
    • Hear consultations consultations
    • Hear conversations conversations
    • Hear corp's corp's
    • Hear corp.'s corp.'s
    • Hear corporation's corporation's
    • Hear corporations corporations
    • Hear corporations' corporations'
    • Hear correlations correlations
    • Hear declarations declarations
    • Hear decorations decorations
    • Hear degradations degradations
    • Hear delegation's delegation's
    • Hear delegations delegations
    • Hear demarcations demarcations
    • Hear demonstrations demonstrations
    • Hear deportations deportations
    • Hear depredations depredations
    • Hear deprivations deprivations
    • Hear desecrations desecrations
    • Hear designations designations
    • Hear destinations destinations
    • Hear detonations detonations
    • Hear deviations deviations
    • Hear dislocations dislocations
    • Hear duplications duplications
    • Hear education's education's
    • Hear educations educations
    • Hear elevations elevations
    • Hear emanations emanations
    • Hear emigrations emigrations
    • Hear estimations estimations
    • Hear excavations excavations
    • Hear exclamations exclamations
    • Hear exhortations exhortations
    • Hear expectations expectations
    • Hear expirations expirations
    • Hear explanations explanations
    • Hear exploration's exploration's
    • Hear explorations explorations
    • Hear fabrications fabrications
    • Hear federation's federation's
    • Hear federations federations
    • Hear fluctuations fluctuations
    • Hear formulations formulations
    • Hear generation's generation's
    • Hear generations generations
    • Hear graduations graduations
    • Hear hesitations hesitations
    • Hear illustrations illustrations
    • Hear imitations imitations
    • Hear implications implications
    • Hear incarnations incarnations
    • Hear inclinations inclinations
    • Hear indications indications
    • Hear infestations infestations
    • Hear information's information's
    • Hear informations informations
    • Hear innovations innovations
    • Hear inspirations inspirations
    • Hear installations installations
    • Hear integrations integrations
    • Hear intimations intimations
    • Hear inundations inundations
    • Hear invitations invitations
    • Hear irritations irritations
    • Hear lacerations lacerations
    • Hear legislation's legislation's
    • Hear limitations limitations
    • Hear liquidations liquidations
    • Hear litigations litigations
    • Hear machinations machinations
    • Hear malformations malformations
    • Hear medications medications
    • Hear meditations meditations
    • Hear ministrations ministrations
    • Hear miscreations miscreations
    • Hear motivations motivations
    • Hear mutilations mutilations
    • Hear nominations nominations
    • Hear obligations obligations
    • Hear observations observations
    • Hear occupations occupations
    • Hear operation's operation's
    • Hear operations operations
    • Hear operations' orchestrations operations' orchestrations
    • Hear oscillations oscillations
    • Hear palpitations palpitations
    • Hear perforations perforations
    • Hear permutations permutations
    • Hear perturbations perturbations
    • Hear populations populations
    • Hear preparations preparations
    • Hear presentations presentations
    • Hear proclamations proclamations
    • Hear protestations protestations
    • Hear provocations provocations
    • Hear publication's publication's
    • Hear publications publications
    • Hear publications' radiation's publications' radiation's
    • Hear realizations realizations
    • Hear recitations recitations
    • Hear registrations registrations
    • Hear regulations regulations
    • Hear relocations relocations
    • Hear reparations reparations
    • Hear reputations reputations
    • Hear reservations reservations
    • Hear resignations resignations
    • Hear restorations restorations
    • Hear revelations revelations
    • Hear revocations revocations
    • Hear ruminations ruminations
    • Hear separations separations
    • Hear simulations simulations
    • Hear situation's situation's
    • Hear situations situations
    • Hear speculations speculations
    • Hear stipulations stipulations
    • Hear strangulations strangulations
    • Hear subluxations subluxations
    • Hear syndications syndications
    • Hear tabulations tabulations
    • Hear terminations terminations
    • Hear transformations transformations
    • Hear transportation's transportation's
    • Hear tribulations tribulations
    • Hear vaccinations vaccinations
    • Hear valuations valuations
    • Hear variations variations
    • Hear violations violations
    • Hear visitations visitations
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abortifacients abortifacients
    • Hear abbreviations abbreviations
    • Hear accommodations accommodations
    • Hear accreditations accreditations
    • Hear accumulations accumulations
    • Hear administration's administration's
    • Hear administrations administrations
    • Hear affiliations affiliations
    • Hear amplifications amplifications
    • Hear anticipations anticipations
    • Hear appropriations appropriations
    • Hear approximations approximations
    • Hear assassinations assassinations
    • Hear association's association's
    • Hear associations associations
    • Hear authentications authentications
    • Hear authorizations authorizations
    • Hear certifications certifications
    • Hear civilizations civilizations
    • Hear clarifications clarifications
    • Hear classifications classifications
    • Hear collaborations collaborations
    • Hear commemorations commemorations
    • Hear communication's communication's
    • Hear communications communications
    • Hear communications' communications'
    • Hear configurations configurations
    • Hear congratulations congratulations
    • Hear considerations considerations
    • Hear consolidations consolidations
    • Hear cooperations cooperations
    • Hear decapitations decapitations
    • Hear deliberations deliberations
    • Hear denomination's denomination's
    • Hear denominations denominations
    • Hear denunciations denunciations
    • Hear depreciations depreciations
    • Hear determination's determination's
    • Hear determinations determinations
    • Hear devaluations devaluations
    • Hear discolorations discolorations
    • Hear dramatizations dramatizations
    • Hear eliminations eliminations
    • Hear evacuations evacuations
    • Hear evaluations evaluations
    • Hear exacerbations exacerbations
    • Hear exaggerations exaggerations
    • Hear examinations examinations
    • Hear expropriations expropriations
    • Hear fortifications fortifications
    • Hear hallucinations hallucinations
    • Hear humiliations humiliations
    • Hear imaginations imaginations
    • Hear immunizations immunizations
    • Hear improvisations improvisations
    • Hear inaugurations inaugurations
    • Hear incorporation's incorporation's
    • Hear incorporations incorporations
    • Hear inoculations inoculations
    • Hear insinuations insinuations
    • Hear interpretations interpretations
    • Hear interrogations interrogations
    • Hear investigations investigations
    • Hear justifications justifications
    • Hear magnifications magnifications
    • Hear manifestations manifestations
    • Hear manipulations manipulations
    • Hear miscalculations miscalculations
    • Hear mobilizations mobilizations
    • Hear modifications modifications
    • Hear negotiations negotiations
    • Hear notifications notifications
    • Hear organization's organization's
    • Hear organizations organizations
    • Hear orientations orientations
    • Hear originations originations
    • Hear participations participations
    • Hear pontifications pontifications
    • Hear preoccupations preoccupations
    • Hear privatizations privatizations
    • Hear prognostications prognostications
    • Hear pronunciations pronunciations
    • Hear qualifications qualifications
    • Hear ramifications ramifications
    • Hear recommendations recommendations
    • Hear recriminations recriminations
    • Hear representations representations
    • Hear reverberations reverberations
    • Hear solicitations solicitations
    • Hear specifications specifications
    • Hear sterilizations sterilizations
  • Six Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear capitalizations capitalizations
    • Hear characterizations characterizations
    • Hear diversifications diversifications
    • Hear generalizations generalizations
    • Hear hospitalizations hospitalizations
    • Hear identifications identifications
    • Hear liberalizations liberalizations
    • Hear misrepresentations misrepresentations
    • Hear nationalizations nationalizations
    • Hear rationalizations rationalizations
    • Hear reconciliations reconciliations
    • Hear rehabilitations rehabilitations
    • Hear renegotiations renegotiations
    • Hear reorganizations reorganizations
    • Hear revaluations revaluations
  • Seven Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear denationalizations denationalizations
    • Hear recapitalizations recapitalizations
    • Hear telecommunications telecommunications
    • Hear telecommunications' telecommunications'

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