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Phonetic Respelling: [ noh-bil-i-tee ]

Definition: Play

n. the quality or state of being noble high station or rank in society; esp. when accompanied by a title the class of people of noble rank or having hereditary titles; usually limited in Great Britain to the peerage; usually with the

Sentence: Play Play

The nobility supported the king during the revolution.

More example sentences:

The nobility supported the king during the revolution.

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Nobility rhymes:

  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear ability ability
    • Hear agility agility
    • Hear civility civility
    • Hear debility debility
    • Hear docility docility
    • Hear ductility ductility
    • Hear facility facility
    • Hear fertility fertility
    • Hear fragility fragility
    • Hear futility futility
    • Hear gentility gentility
    • Hear hostility hostility
    • Hear humility humility
    • Hear mobility mobility
    • Hear motility motility
    • Hear senility senility
    • Hear stability stability
    • Hear sterility sterility
    • Hear tranquility tranquility
    • Hear utility utility
    • Hear virility virility
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear capability capability
    • Hear credibility credibility
    • Hear culpability culpability
    • Hear disability disability
    • Hear durability durability
    • Hear fallibility fallibility
    • Hear feasibility feasibility
    • Hear flammability flammability
    • Hear flexibility flexibility
    • Hear gullibility gullibility
    • Hear immobility immobility
    • Hear inability inability
    • Hear incivility incivility
    • Hear infertility infertility
    • Hear instability instability
    • Hear legibility legibility
    • Hear liability liability
    • Hear miscibility miscibility
    • Hear nonutility nonutility
    • Hear plausibility plausibility
    • Hear portability portability
    • Hear possibility possibility
    • Hear probability probability
    • Hear readability readability
    • Hear rehability rehability
    • Hear sensibility sensibility
    • Hear suitability suitability
    • Hear taxability taxability
    • Hear versatility versatility
    • Hear viability viability
    • Hear visibility visibility
    • Hear volatility volatility
  • Six Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear acceptability acceptability
    • Hear accessibility accessibility
    • Hear adaptability adaptability
    • Hear admissibility admissibility
    • Hear advisability advisability
    • Hear affordability affordability
    • Hear amiability amiability
    • Hear applicability applicability
    • Hear availability availability
    • Hear believability believability
    • Hear collectibility collectibility
    • Hear combinability combinability
    • Hear comparability comparability
    • Hear compatibility compatibility
    • Hear convertibility convertibility
    • Hear deductibility deductibility
    • Hear deniability deniability
    • Hear dependability dependability
    • Hear desirability desirability
    • Hear electability electability
    • Hear eligibility eligibility
    • Hear enforceability enforceability
    • Hear favorability favorability
    • Hear impossibility impossibility
    • Hear infallibility infallibility
    • Hear inflexibility inflexibility
    • Hear invincibility invincibility
    • Hear invisibility invisibility
    • Hear irritability irritability
    • Hear malleability malleability
    • Hear marketability marketability
    • Hear palatability palatability
    • Hear permeability permeability
    • Hear predictability predictability
    • Hear profitability profitability
    • Hear profitablity profitablity
    • Hear reliability reliability
    • Hear respectability respectability
    • Hear responsibility responsibility
    • Hear survivability survivability
    • Hear susceptibility susceptibility
    • Hear sustainability sustainability
    • Hear transferability transferability
    • Hear variability variability
    • Hear vulnerability vulnerability
  • Seven Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear comprehensibility comprehensibility
    • Hear inaccessibility inaccessibility
    • Hear incompatibility incompatibility
    • Hear indestructibility indestructibility
    • Hear inevitability inevitability
    • Hear invulnerability invulnerability
    • Hear irresponsibility irresponsibility
    • Hear maneuverability maneuverability
    • Hear unavailability unavailability
    • Hear unpredictability unpredictability
    • Hear unprofitability unprofitability
    • Hear unreliability unreliability

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