Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ leen ]

Definition: Play

v. to slant from an upright position; adj. having little -as in body fat or money-

Sentence: Play Play

Please lean the ladder against the wall. OR The runner was lean.

More example sentences:

Please lean the ladder against the wall. OR The runner was lean.

Hear it Hear it

What should the kid lean into?

Hear it Hear it

He had a sharp crooked nose jutting out of a his lean face.

Hear it Hear it

The runner was lean.

Hear it Hear it

What did D.J. find in the lean to, attached to the cabin?

Hear it Hear it

Why does the little boy lean against the metal light pole?

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What song did they lean in music class?

Hear it Hear it

Why did the box lean a little to the left?

Hear it Hear it

Why does Katniss take the risk and lean down into the Cornucopia to kill a wounded Cato with an arrow?

Hear it Hear it

When did Cyril lean that Pat was a rat?

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Why did the bank officer lean so heavily on the counter?

Hear it Hear it

What art did Philo lean from Xenos?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

slant; tilt; thin

Antonyms: Play

straight; fat

How many syllables in lean?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide lean into syllables:


Lean rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear bean bean
    • Hear beane beane
    • Hear beene beene
    • Hear bein bein
    • Hear beine beine
    • Hear biehn biehn
    • Hear bien bien
    • Hear blouin blouin
    • Hear brean brean
    • Hear breen breen
    • Hear cheane cheane
    • Hear cian cian
    • Hear ccrean ccrean
    • Hear dean dean
    • Hear deane deane
    • Hear deen deen
    • Hear drouin drouin
    • Hear fiene fiene
    • Hear frean frean
    • Hear freen freen
    • Hear gean gean
    • Hear gene gene
    • Hear gheen gheen
    • Hear ggouin ggouin
    • Hear green green
    • Hear greene greene
    • Hear haen haen
    • Hear jean jean
    • Hear jeane jeane
    • Hear jeanne jeanne
    • Hear kean kean
    • Hear keane keane
    • Hear keehn keehn
    • Hear keen keen
    • Hear keene keene
    • Hear kiehn kiehn
    • Hear kiehne kiehne
    • Hear kiene kiene
    • Hear kleen kleen
    • Hear leen leen
    • Hear lein lein
    • Hear lene lene
    • Hear lien lien
    • Hear mean mean
    • Hear mein mein
    • Hear meine meine
    • Hear mien mien
    • Hear nein nein
    • Hear nene nene
    • Hear peine peine
    • Hear plein plein
    • Hear preen preen
    • Hear prien prien
    • Hear queen queen
    • Hear reen reen
    • Hear scene scene
    • Hear screen screen
    • Hear seen seen
    • Hear shean shean
    • Hear sheen sheen
    • Hear skeen skeen
    • Hear skene skene
    • Hear spleen spleen
    • Hear spreen spreen
    • Hear steen steen
    • Hear stene stene
    • Hear sween sween
    • Hear teen teen
    • Hear thien thien
    • Hear treen treen
    • Hear veen veen
    • Hear vien vien
    • Hear wean wean
    • Hear wein wein
    • Hear wien wien
    • Hear xene xene
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear agin agin
    • Hear aileen aileen
    • Hear aldin aldin
    • Hear aleen aleen
    • Hear alene alene
    • Hear ameen ameen
    • Hear amin amin
    • Hear ammeen ammeen
    • Hear andreen andreen
    • Hear ardeen ardeen
    • Hear arleen arleen
    • Hear baleen baleen
    • Hear beaubien beaubien
    • Hear beauchene beauchene
    • Hear benzene benzene
    • Hear between between
    • Hear brackeen brackeen
    • Hear bradeen bradeen
    • Hear burdine burdine
    • Hear burkeen burkeen
    • Hear caffeine caffeine
    • Hear canteen canteen
    • Hear cantin cantin
    • Hear careen careen
    • Hear carleen carleen
    • Hear casein casein
    • Hear cashion cashion
    • Hear casteen casteen
    • Hear cathleen cathleen
    • Hear celine celine
    • Hear charleen charleen
    • Hear charlene charlene
    • Hear charline charline
    • Hear chasteen chasteen
    • Hear chretien chretien
    • Hear christine christine
    • Hear citrine citrine
    • Hear claudine claudine
    • Hear clymene clymene
    • Hear coffeen coffeen
    • Hear coleen coleen
    • Hear colleen colleen
    • Hear convene convene
    • Hear corinne corinne
    • Hear cortine cortine
    • Hear crimean crimean
    • Hear cuisine cuisine
    • Hear cunneen cunneen
    • Hear d'alene d'alene
    • Hear dejean dejean
    • Hear demean demean
    • Hear deneen deneen
    • Hear derouin derouin
    • Hear dineen dineen
    • Hear dinneen dinneen
    • Hear doreen doreen
    • Hear dufrene dufrene
    • Hear eighteen eighteen
    • Hear eileen eileen
    • Hear eugene eugene
    • Hear feldene feldene
    • Hear fifteen fifteen
    • Hear filene filene
    • Hear foltene foltene
    • Hear foreseen foreseen
    • Hear fourteen fourteen
    • Hear francine francine
    • Hear gallien gallien
    • Hear geneen geneen
    • Hear georgine georgine
    • Hear glasheen glasheen
    • Hear glavine glavine
    • Hear godine godine
    • Hear goheen goheen
    • Hear grosjean grosjean
    • Hear guertin guertin
    • Hear helene helene
    • Hear hunchine hunchine
    • Hear igene igene
    • Hear ireene ireene
    • Hear irene irene
    • Hear janine janine
    • Hear jeanine jeanine
    • Hear joaquin joaquin
    • Hear jolene jolene
    • Hear justine justine
    • Hear kathleen kathleen
    • Hear katyn katyn
    • Hear killeen killeen
    • Hear kristine kristine
    • Hear lamine lamine
    • Hear latrine latrine
    • Hear laureen laureen
    • Hear laurene laurene
    • Hear ledeen ledeen
    • Hear levine levine
    • Hear limine limine
    • Hear lorene lorene
    • Hear lurleen lurleen
    • Hear machine machine
    • Hear macqueen macqueen
    • Hear marcin marcin
    • Hear marean marean
    • Hear marine marine
    • Hear marleen marleen
    • Hear marleene marleene
    • Hear martine martine
    • Hear maureen maureen
    • Hear maxine maxine
    • Hear mcbean mcbean
    • Hear mcbreen mcbreen
    • Hear mccmckean mccmckean
    • Hear mckeen mckeen
    • Hear mcmcmeen mcmcmeen
    • Hear mcqueen mcqueen
    • Hear mcsween mcsween
    • Hear medin medin
    • Hear modine modine
    • Hear moline moline
    • Hear moquin moquin
    • Hear moreen moreen
    • Hear mulqueen mulqueen
    • Hear muntean muntean
    • Hear myrlene myrlene
    • Hear nadine nadine
    • Hear nathene nathene
    • Hear navin navin
    • Hear nineteen nineteen
    • Hear nordeen nordeen
    • Hear noreen noreen
    • Hear nuveen nuveen
    • Hear o'steen o'steen
    • Hear obscene obscene
    • Hear oonscreen oonscreen
    • Hear oquin oquin
    • Hear oquinn oquinn
    • Hear papin papin
    • Hear pasion pasion
    • Hear pauline pauline
    • Hear philene philene
    • Hear pilgreen pilgreen
    • Hear prejean prejean
    • Hear preteen preteen
    • Hear rabin rabin
    • Hear rabine rabine
    • Hear racine racine
    • Hear ravine ravine
    • Hear sabine sabine
    • Hear salin salin
    • Hear saline saline
    • Hear sardine sardine
    • Hear sarene sarene
    • Hear seguin seguin
    • Hear selene selene
    • Hear serene serene
    • Hear shaheen shaheen
    • Hear sharleen sharleen
    • Hear shasteen shasteen
    • Hear shirleen shirleen
    • Hear sistine sistine
    • Hear sixteen sixteen
    • Hear slovene slovene
    • Hear st_jean st_jean
    • Hear sunscreen sunscreen
    • Hear thirteen thirteen
    • Hear tigrean tigrean
    • Hear umpteen umpteen
    • Hear uncunseen uncunseen
    • Hear vaccine vaccine
    • Hear vaguine vaguine
    • Hear vanveen vanveen
    • Hear varin varin
    • Hear vidrine vidrine
    • Hear voisine voisine
    • Hear wileen wileen
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear arreguin arreguin
    • Hear augustin augustin
    • Hear benyamin benyamin
    • Hear bernadine bernadine
    • Hear circumvene circumvene
    • Hear doralin doralin
    • Hear etheljean etheljean
    • Hear figurine figurine
    • Hear gelatine gelatine
    • Hear geraldine geraldine
    • Hear hallowe'en hallowe'en
    • Hear halloween halloween
    • Hear huguenin huguenin
    • Hear intervene intervene
    • Hear kathalene kathalene
    • Hear lopatin lopatin
    • Hear madelene madelene
    • Hear marroquin marroquin
    • Hear ocain ocain
    • Hear peloquin peloquin
    • Hear phillipine phillipine
    • Hear poliquin poliquin
    • Hear propylene propylene
    • Hear reconvene reconvene
    • Hear sarazin sarazin
    • Hear seventeen seventeen
    • Hear smithereen smithereen
    • Hear submachine submachine
    • Hear submarine submarine
    • Hear tambourine tambourine
    • Hear tangerine tangerine
    • Hear trampoline trampoline
    • Hear unforeseen unforeseen
    • Hear valentin valentin
    • Hear wolverine wolverine
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aquamarine aquamarine
    • Hear mujahedeen mujahedeen
    • Hear mujahideen mujahideen
    • Hear nitrosomine nitrosomine

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