Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ leyn ]

Definition: Play

plural n. 1 a narrow way or road; 2 a well-defined track or path

Sentence: Play Play

They had to disqualify the swimmer for changing lanes in the pool.

More example sentences:

They had to disqualify the swimmer for changing lanes in the pool.

Hear it Hear it

As the lanes and landmarks were being named what did Pa and Amanda's brothers do?

Hear it Hear it

How many lanes are there on a drag strip?

Hear it Hear it

The median in the center of the road separates the two lanes of traffic.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

passage; path; track

Antonyms: Play

out in the open

How many syllables in lanes?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide lanes into syllables:


Lanes rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aynes aynes
    • Hear bain's bain's
    • Hear baines baines
    • Hear bains bains
    • Hear banes banes
    • Hear baynes baynes
    • Hear brain's brain's
    • Hear brains brains
    • Hear cain's cain's
    • Hear caines caines
    • Hear canes canes
    • Hear chain's chain's
    • Hear chains chains
    • Hear chains' chains'
    • Hear crain's crain's
    • Hear crane's crane's
    • Hear cranes cranes
    • Hear daines daines
    • Hear dains dains
    • Hear dane's dane's
    • Hear danes danes
    • Hear deigns deigns
    • Hear drains drains
    • Hear fein's fein's
    • Hear gaines gaines
    • Hear gains gains
    • Hear ganes ganes
    • Hear grains grains
    • Hear haines haines
    • Hear hains hains
    • Hear hanes hanes
    • Hear haynes haynes
    • Hear jane's jane's
    • Hear janes janes
    • Hear jaynes jaynes
    • Hear kainz kainz
    • Hear kane's kane's
    • Hear keynes keynes
    • Hear lane's lane's
    • Hear lmaine's lmaine's
    • Hear maines maines
    • Hear mains mains
    • Hear mainz mainz
    • Hear manes manes
    • Hear maynes maynes
    • Hear pains pains
    • Hear panes panes
    • Hear plaines plaines
    • Hear plains plains
    • Hear plane's plane's
    • Hear pplanes' pplanes'
    • Hear raines raines
    • Hear rains rains
    • Hear ranes ranes
    • Hear raynes raynes
    • Hear reigns reigns
    • Hear reines reines
    • Hear reins reins
    • Hear sainz sainz
    • Hear skains skains
    • Hear spain's spain's
    • Hear sprains sprains
    • Hear staines staines
    • Hear stains stains
    • Hear strains strains
    • Hear swains swains
    • Hear train's train's
    • Hear trains trains
    • Hear twain's twain's
    • Hear vanes vanes
    • Hear veins veins
    • Hear wanes wanes
    • Hear wayne's wayne's
    • Hear yanes yanes
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear attains attains
    • Hear bahrain's bahrain's
    • Hear cabranes cabranes
    • Hear campaign's campaign's
    • Hear campaigns campaigns
    • Hear champagnes champagnes
    • Hear complains complains
    • Hear constrains constrains
    • Hear contains contains
    • Hear disdains disdains
    • Hear domains domains
    • Hear duquesne's duquesne's
    • Hear elaine's elaine's
    • Hear explains explains
    • Hear germain's germain's
    • Hear hussein's hussein's
    • Hear maintains maintains
    • Hear mccain's mccain's
    • Hear mclean's mclean's
    • Hear mcmains mcmains
    • Hear obtains obtains
    • Hear pertains pertains
    • Hear refrains refrains
    • Hear regains regains
    • Hear remains remains
    • Hear restrains restrains
    • Hear retains retains
    • Hear sustains sustains
    • Hear terrains terrains
    • Hear ukraine's ukraine's
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear entertains entertains

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