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Phonetic Respelling: [ kin ]

Definition: Play

adj. related by birth or marriage; family

Sentence: Play Play

Although their surnames are identical they are not of kin.

More example sentences:

Although their surnames are identical they are not of kin.

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What was Birdie kin to according to Old Hannah Flowers?

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How was Lazybones kin to Aunt Nancy?

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He invited all his kith and kin.

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The dead kin was place in a charnel.

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What did Pert learn about the difference between kin and family?

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Synonyms: Play

family; relatives; clan; family

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in kin?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide kin into syllables:


Kin rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear been been
    • Hear bihn bihn
    • Hear bin bin
    • Hear binn binn
    • Hear blinn blinn
    • Hear brin brin
    • Hear brinn brinn
    • Hear bryn bryn
    • Hear chin chin
    • Hear chinh chinh
    • Hear chinn chinn
    • Hear din din
    • Hear dinh dinh
    • Hear fin fin
    • Hear finn finn
    • Hear finne finne
    • Hear flinn flinn
    • Hear flynn flynn
    • Hear gin gin
    • Hear ginn ginn
    • Hear glyn glyn
    • Hear glynn glynn
    • Hear grin grin
    • Hear guin guin
    • Hear guinn guinn
    • Hear gwin gwin
    • Hear gwinn gwinn
    • Hear gwyn gwyn
    • Hear gwynn gwynn
    • Hear gwynne gwynne
    • Hear gyn gyn
    • Hear hinn hinn
    • Hear in in
    • Hear in. in.
    • Hear inn inn
    • Hear jin jin
    • Hear kihn kihn
    • Hear kinn kinn
    • Hear kinne kinne
    • Hear knin knin
    • Hear lin lin
    • Hear linh linh
    • Hear linn linn
    • Hear linne linne
    • Hear lwin lwin
    • Hear lyn lyn
    • Hear lynn lynn
    • Hear lynne lynne
    • Hear mihn mihn
    • Hear min min
    • Hear minh minh
    • Hear pin pin
    • Hear pinn pinn
    • Hear prynne prynne
    • Hear qian qian
    • Hear qin qin
    • Hear quin quin
    • Hear quinn quinn
    • Hear rhin rhin
    • Hear rihn rihn
    • Hear rinn rinn
    • Hear rinne rinne
    • Hear schwinn schwinn
    • Hear shin shin
    • Hear shinn shinn
    • Hear sin sin
    • Hear sinn sinn
    • Hear sspin sspin
    • Hear syn syn
    • Hear thin thin
    • Hear tin tin
    • Hear trinh trinh
    • Hear twin twin
    • Hear vin vin
    • Hear when when
    • Hear win win
    • Hear winn winn
    • Hear winne winne
    • Hear wynn wynn
    • Hear wynne wynne
    • Hear yin yin
    • Hear zinn zinn
    • Hear zlin zlin
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear adin adin
    • Hear aallin aallin
    • Hear allphin allphin
    • Hear alpin alpin
    • Hear asaslin asaslin
    • Hear astin astin
    • Hear aswin aswin
    • Hear atbegin atbegin
    • Hear berlin berlin
    • Hear bongjin bongjin
    • Hear chagrin chagrin
    • Hear chang-hsin chang-hsin
    • Hear dechine dechine
    • Hear eldwin eldwin
    • Hear elemlyn elemlyn
    • Hear esglavine esglavine
    • Hear has-been has-been
    • Hear herein herein
    • Hear itkaylynn itkaylynn
    • Hear kyoung-min kyoung-min
    • Hear mcginn mcginn
    • Hear mcglinn mcglinn
    • Hear mcglynn mcglynn
    • Hear mcguinn mcguinn
    • Hear mclin mclin
    • Hear mclinn mclinn
    • Hear mcminn mcminn
    • Hear mcquinn mcquinn
    • Hear o'quinn o'quinn
    • Hear therein therein
    • Hear vanryn vanryn
    • Hear wherein wherein
    • Hear within within
    • Hear yalin yalin
    • Hear yan-bin yan-bin
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear menuhin menuhin
    • Hear verduin verduin
    • Hear violin violin

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