Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ jel-ee ]

Definition: Play

n .a preserve made of the jelled juice of fruit

Sentence: Play Play

I like jelly on my toast.

More example sentences:

I like jelly on my toast.

Hear it Hear it

After Jake ate the Spanish jelly bean what happened to him?

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What fell out of the man who was buying the jelly beans pocket?

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Whose mom left them only peanut butter and jelly to eat?

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What did everyone, but Arthur, start doing with their jelly beans?

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Who won the jelly bean contest?

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Royal jelly is a rich source of protein.

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Why does Nancy detest jelly fish?

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How many jelly rolls did Mr. Putter eat?

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Why was Chet promised a box of jelly doughnuts and two get-out-of-detention cards?

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Who has a jelly jar on the 'J' page?

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Who had eaten all the pink jelly beans?

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Grandma makes a wonderful aspic jelly.

Hear it Hear it

What did the boys win for the jelly bean contest?

Hear it Hear it

My aunt made quince jelly.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

jam; preserves; conserves

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in jelly?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide jelly into syllables:


Jelly rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear belli belli
    • Hear belly belly
    • Hear celie celie
    • Hear celli celli
    • Hear delee delee
    • Hear delhi delhi
    • Hear deli deli
    • Hear dwelley dwelley
    • Hear ehly ehly
    • Hear elie elie
    • Hear elley elley
    • Hear ellie ellie
    • Hear elly elly
    • Hear gelli gelli
    • Hear helie helie
    • Hear jelley jelley
    • Hear kelley kelley
    • Hear kelli kelli
    • Hear kelly kelly
    • Hear meli meli
    • Hear melley melley
    • Hear melli melli
    • Hear mellie mellie
    • Hear melly melly
    • Hear nelli nelli
    • Hear nellie nellie
    • Hear nelly nelly
    • Hear pelley pelley
    • Hear selie selie
    • Hear selley selley
    • Hear shelley shelley
    • Hear shelly shelly
    • Hear skelley skelley
    • Hear skelly skelly
    • Hear smelley smelley
    • Hear smelly smelly
    • Hear stelly stelly
    • Hear tele tele
    • Hear telly telly
    • Hear veley veley
    • Hear velie velie
    • Hear wehle wehle
    • Hear zelie zelie
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear allele allele
    • Hear angeli angeli
    • Hear baldelli baldelli
    • Hear bertelli bertelli
    • Hear bonelli bonelli
    • Hear borelli borelli
    • Hear borrelli borrelli
    • Hear brunelli brunelli
    • Hear buzzelli buzzelli
    • Hear capelli capelli
    • Hear cappelli cappelli
    • Hear carelli carelli
    • Hear caselli caselli
    • Hear castelli castelli
    • Hear catelli catelli
    • Hear cifelli cifelli
    • Hear cinelli cinelli
    • Hear cirelli cirelli
    • Hear covelli covelli
    • Hear critelli critelli
    • Hear crivelli crivelli
    • Hear fanelli fanelli
    • Hear fedeli fedeli
    • Hear ferrelli ferrelli
    • Hear finelli finelli
    • Hear gabelli gabelli
    • Hear gastelli gastelli
    • Hear gianelli gianelli
    • Hear giannelli giannelli
    • Hear leonelli leonelli
    • Hear lomeli lomeli
    • Hear lorelli lorelli
    • Hear marcelli marcelli
    • Hear marelli marelli
    • Hear martelli martelli
    • Hear maselli maselli
    • Hear mcnelly mcnelly
    • Hear miceli miceli
    • Hear micheli micheli
    • Hear michelli michelli
    • Hear minelli minelli
    • Hear minnelli minnelli
    • Hear mondelli mondelli
    • Hear mongelli mongelli
    • Hear morelli morelli
    • Hear nardelli nardelli
    • Hear nigrelli nigrelli
    • Hear novelli novelli
    • Hear o'deli o'deli
    • Hear odele odele
    • Hear pacelli pacelli
    • Hear parmele parmele
    • Hear perrelli perrelli
    • Hear petrelli petrelli
    • Hear pinelli pinelli
    • Hear pirelli pirelli
    • Hear porcelli porcelli
    • Hear portelli portelli
    • Hear roselli roselli
    • Hear rosselli rosselli
    • Hear santelli santelli
    • Hear scarpelli scarpelli
    • Hear scibelli scibelli
    • Hear spinelli spinelli
    • Hear tonelli tonelli
    • Hear torelli torelli
    • Hear vannelli vannelli
    • Hear vitelli vitelli
    • Hear zambelli zambelli
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear altobelli altobelli
    • Hear antonelli antonelli
    • Hear bucciarelli bucciarelli
    • Hear cafarelli cafarelli
    • Hear campanelli campanelli
    • Hear capparelli capparelli
    • Hear cardarelli cardarelli
    • Hear caroselli caroselli
    • Hear carpinelli carpinelli
    • Hear cassinelli cassinelli
    • Hear ceccarelli ceccarelli
    • Hear chiarelli chiarelli
    • Hear ciccarelli ciccarelli
    • Hear cimorelli cimorelli
    • Hear dimiceli dimiceli
    • Hear dimichele dimichele
    • Hear dominelli dominelli
    • Hear donatelli donatelli
    • Hear filippelli filippelli
    • Hear fiorelli fiorelli
    • Hear gabrielli gabrielli
    • Hear gencarelli gencarelli
    • Hear giacomelli giacomelli
    • Hear giovanelli giovanelli
    • Hear iannelli iannelli
    • Hear locatelli locatelli
    • Hear lucarelli lucarelli
    • Hear mancinelli mancinelli
    • Hear marinelli marinelli
    • Hear martorelli martorelli
    • Hear masciarelli masciarelli
    • Hear mignanelli mignanelli
    • Hear mirabelli mirabelli
    • Hear molinelli molinelli
    • Hear monacelli monacelli
    • Hear paganelli paganelli
    • Hear pascarelli pascarelli
    • Hear pasquarelli pasquarelli
    • Hear pasquinelli pasquinelli
    • Hear passarelli passarelli
    • Hear patricelli patricelli
    • Hear petrocelli petrocelli
    • Hear petruccelli petruccelli
    • Hear petrucelli petrucelli
    • Hear petruzzelli petruzzelli
    • Hear pignatelli pignatelli
    • Hear piscitelli piscitelli
    • Hear polsinelli polsinelli
    • Hear pontarelli pontarelli
    • Hear pucciarelli pucciarelli
    • Hear puccinelli puccinelli
    • Hear puricelli puricelli
    • Hear racanelli racanelli
    • Hear raffaelli raffaelli
    • Hear rapanelli rapanelli
    • Hear ricciardelli ricciardelli
    • Hear riccitelli riccitelli
    • Hear riopelle riopelle
    • Hear robustelli robustelli
    • Hear romanelli romanelli
    • Hear rondinelli rondinelli
    • Hear saltarelli saltarelli
    • Hear santarelli santarelli
    • Hear santorelli santorelli
    • Hear signorelli signorelli
    • Hear simonelli simonelli
    • Hear stefanelli stefanelli
    • Hear tomaselli tomaselli
    • Hear torricelli torricelli
    • Hear tortorelli tortorelli
    • Hear zeffirelli zeffirelli
    • Hear zuccarelli zuccarelli
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear agostinelli agostinelli
    • Hear berardinelli berardinelli
    • Hear iacobelli iacobelli
    • Hear iacovelli iacovelli
    • Hear machiavelli machiavelli
    • Hear vecchiarelli vecchiarelli

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