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Phonetic Respelling: [ gwah-tuh-mah-luh; Spanish gwah-te-mah-lah ]

Definition: Play

n. a republic in Central America; achieved independence from Spain in 1821; noted for low per capita income and illiteracy; politically unstable

Sentence: Play Play

Guatemala is a country.

More example sentences:

Guatemala is a country.

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The United States sent military advisors to Guatemala.

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Who was on the plane to Guatemala with the Hardy boys?

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Which was hotter Guatemala or Cambodia?

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Some Mayas remained in Guatemala and started political movements.

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How many syllables in Guatemala?

4 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide Guatemala into syllables:


Guatemala rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear alla alla
    • Hear allah allah
    • Hear bala bala
    • Hear bolla bolla
    • Hear cala cala
    • Hear cholla cholla
    • Hear golla golla
    • Hear kuala kuala
    • Hear lala lala
    • Hear mala mala
    • Hear rolla rolla
    • Hear sala sala
    • Hear scala scala
    • Hear skala skala
    • Hear vala vala
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abdollah abdollah
    • Hear adalah adalah
    • Hear alcala alcala
    • Hear ayala ayala
    • Hear begala begala
    • Hear butala butala
    • Hear cecala cecala
    • Hear cicala cicala
    • Hear cipolla cipolla
    • Hear corolla corolla
    • Hear feola feola
    • Hear fiala fiala
    • Hear fudala fudala
    • Hear gwizdala gwizdala
    • Hear haapala haapala
    • Hear hakala hakala
    • Hear hezbollah hezbollah
    • Hear hezbullah hezbullah
    • Hear homola homola
    • Hear impala impala
    • Hear isola isola
    • Hear kabbalah kabbalah
    • Hear kampala kampala
    • Hear kerala kerala
    • Hear koala koala
    • Hear kubala kubala
    • Hear kujala kujala
    • Hear lasala lasala
    • Hear lascala lascala
    • Hear latvala latvala
    • Hear machala machala
    • Hear magdala magdala
    • Hear marsala marsala
    • Hear matala matala
    • Hear mccollough mccollough
    • Hear meola meola
    • Hear natala natala
    • Hear neola neola
    • Hear nevala nevala
    • Hear niedbala niedbala
    • Hear nuala nuala
    • Hear oglala oglala
    • Hear ojala ojala
    • Hear pekala pekala
    • Hear pendyala pendyala
    • Hear penkala penkala
    • Hear perala perala
    • Hear rajala rajala
    • Hear ramala ramala
    • Hear ramallah ramallah
    • Hear rantala rantala
    • Hear rintala rintala
    • Hear rogala rogala
    • Hear rogalla rogalla
    • Hear ruhollah ruhollah
    • Hear sabala sabala
    • Hear santala santala
    • Hear savala savala
    • Hear seppala seppala
    • Hear sigala sigala
    • Hear switala switala
    • Hear tafolla tafolla
    • Hear vadala vadala
    • Hear vempala vempala
    • Hear wiitala wiitala
    • Hear wirkkala wirkkala
    • Hear zabala zabala
    • Hear zappala zappala
    • Hear zavala zavala
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear arreola arreola
    • Hear domagala domagala
    • Hear guatemala guatemala
    • Hear napierala napierala
    • Hear piazzolla piazzolla
    • Hear toquepala toquepala

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