Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ glair-ing ]

Definition: Play

v. to stare steadily or angrily; to give off a very bright light or glare.

Sentence: Play Play

The glaring sun hurt my eyes.

More example sentences:

The glaring sun hurt my eyes.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

staring look; scowl; dirty look

Antonyms: Play

grin; smile

How many syllables in glaring?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide glaring into syllables:


Glaring rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear airing airing
    • Hear baring baring
    • Hear bearing bearing
    • Hear behring behring
    • Hear bering bering
    • Hear blaring blaring
    • Hear caring caring
    • Hear chairing chairing
    • Hear daring daring
    • Hear derring derring
    • Hear erring erring
    • Hear fehring fehring
    • Hear flaring flaring
    • Hear garing garing
    • Hear gehring gehring
    • Hear haring haring
    • Hear herring herring
    • Hear maring maring
    • Hear mehring mehring
    • Hear nehring nehring
    • Hear pairing pairing
    • Hear paring paring
    • Hear scaring scaring
    • Hear schering schering
    • Hear sharing sharing
    • Hear snaring snaring
    • Hear sparing sparing
    • Hear squaring squaring
    • Hear staring staring
    • Hear swearing swearing
    • Hear tearing tearing
    • Hear wareing wareing
    • Hear waring waring
    • Hear wearing wearing
    • Hear zaring zaring
    • Hear zehring zehring
    • Hear zeringue zeringue
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear comparing comparing
    • Hear declaring declaring
    • Hear despairing despairing
    • Hear impairing impairing
    • Hear preparing preparing
    • Hear repairing repairing
    • Hear uncaring uncaring
    • Hear unsparing unsparing
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear overbearing overbearing

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