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Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ jeen ]

Definition: Play

n. any of the units occurring at specific points on the chromosomes by which hereditary characters are transmitted and determined

Sentence: Play Play

Genes determine your physical traits.

More example sentences:

Genes determine your physical traits.

Hear it Hear it

One's genes predetermine one's skin color.

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In the book, the author mentions that scientists can artificially transfer genes of one species to another in a laboratory. What are genes?

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Flower homostyly is conditioned by minus-alleles of polymeric genes.

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A beaver dam might be considered a phenotype of beaver genes.

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How many genes are stored inside each human chromosome?

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How many genes do you inherit from your mother?

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The disease will cause the genes to mutate.

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Synonyms: Play

DNA segmant;chromosome part; unit of heredity

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in genes?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide genes into syllables:


Genes rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear bean's bean's
    • Hear beans beans
    • Hear brenes brenes
    • Hear cheane's cheane's
    • Hear cleans cleans
    • Hear dean's dean's
    • Hear deans deans
    • Hear deines deines
    • Hear denes denes
    • Hear eanes eanes
    • Hear gene's gene's
    • Hear gleans gleans
    • Hear green's green's
    • Hear greene's greene's
    • Hear greens greens
    • Hear greens' greens'
    • Hear henes henes
    • Hear jean's jean's
    • Hear jeanes jeanes
    • Hear jeans jeans
    • Hear kean's kean's
    • Hear leans leans
    • Hear leins leins
    • Hear liens liens
    • Hear means means
    • Hear means' means'
    • Hear peens peens
    • Hear queen's queen's
    • Hear queens queens
    • Hear saenz saenz
    • Hear scenes scenes
    • Hear screens screens
    • Hear skeens skeens
    • Hear stiens stiens
    • Hear teens teens
    • Hear viens viens
    • Hear weins weins
    • Hear wiens wiens
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear betweens betweens
    • Hear burdine's burdine's
    • Hear burdines burdines
    • Hear canteens canteens
    • Hear careens careens
    • Hear christine's christine's
    • Hear convenes convenes
    • Hear cortines cortines
    • Hear cremeens cremeens
    • Hear cuisines cuisines
    • Hear demeans demeans
    • Hear eighteen's eighteen's
    • Hear eighteens eighteens
    • Hear fifteen's fifteen's
    • Hear fifteens fifteens
    • Hear filene's filene's
    • Hear fourteens fourteens
    • Hear francine's francine's
    • Hear francines francines
    • Hear irene's irene's
    • Hear kathleen's kathleen's
    • Hear lamine's lamine's
    • Hear latrines latrines
    • Hear levine's levine's
    • Hear lorean's lorean's
    • Hear machine's machine's
    • Hear machines machines
    • Hear machines' marine's machines' marine's
    • Hear marines marines
    • Hear marines' marines'
    • Hear martines martines
    • Hear mclean's mclean's
    • Hear mcmeans mcmeans
    • Hear preteens preteens
    • Hear rabin's rabin's
    • Hear ravines ravines
    • Hear refenes refenes
    • Hear sardines sardines
    • Hear sixteen's sixteen's
    • Hear sixteens sixteens
    • Hear slovenes slovenes
    • Hear sunscreens sunscreens
    • Hear usines usines
    • Hear vaccine's vaccine's
    • Hear vaccines vaccines
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear figurines figurines
    • Hear gasolines gasolines
    • Hear intervenes intervenes
    • Hear phillipines phillipines
    • Hear reconvenes reconvenes
    • Hear smithereens smithereens
    • Hear submarine's submarine's
    • Hear submarines submarines
    • Hear wolverine's wolverine's
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear nitrosamines nitrosamines
    • Hear nitrosomines nitrosomines

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