Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ eer-uh, er-uh ]

Definition: Play

n. a period of time in history. It often begins or ends with an important event.

Sentence: Play Play

My grandfather knows a lot about the industrial era.

More example sentences:

My grandfather knows a lot about the industrial era.

Hear it Hear it

While studying japan we learned about Meiji era.

Hear it Hear it

In what era did dinosaurs live?

Hear it Hear it

The Cenozoic era is characterized by the development and increase of mammals.

Hear it Hear it

During the era of minstrel shows the caricatures took a firm hold.

Hear it Hear it

A new era of architecture is aborning.

Hear it Hear it

What era is 'Rebecca of the Brick House' set in?

Hear it Hear it

In what era did the dinosaur arrive and depart?

Hear it Hear it

What was the era of the 1930s often referred to?

Hear it Hear it

When did the era of exploration and conquest begin in America?

Hear it Hear it

Salavador Dali is an artist from the surrealist era.

Hear it Hear it

During what era did raptors live?

Hear it Hear it

During which era does this story take place?

Hear it Hear it

How was the Mesozoic era divided?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

age; cycle; days

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in era?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide era into syllables:


Era rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear beara beara
    • Hear bberra bberra
    • Hear cara cara
    • Hear ccerra ccerra
    • Hear darragh darragh
    • Hear eire eire
    • Hear erra erra
    • Hear farah farah
    • Hear farrah farrah
    • Hear fferra fferra
    • Hear gguerra gguerra
    • Hear hara hara
    • Hear kara kara
    • Hear kleora kleora
    • Hear naira naira
    • Hear neira neira
    • Hear para para
    • Hear sara sara
    • Hear sarah sarah
    • Hear serra serra
    • Hear sferra sferra
    • Hear sptara sptara
    • Hear terra terra
    • Hear terre terre
    • Hear thvzhlira thvzhlira
    • Hear lire lire
    • Hear mira mira
    • Hear mirra mirra
    • Hear sshira sshira
    • Hear shirah shirah
    • Hear spira spira
    • Hear vierra vierra
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear acerra acerra
    • Hear altavbarbbardbarrbasara altavbarbbardbarrbasara
    • Hear becerra becerra
    • Hear bopbutcabrcaldeira bopbutcabrcaldeira
    • Hear caldcanberra caldcanberra
    • Hear canterra canterra
    • Hear carreira carreira
    • Hear carrcartcascervchimcorreira carrcartcascervchimcorreira
    • Hear develvementerra develvementerra
    • Hear ferrfichfigueira ferrfichfigueira
    • Hear fodfrontguerrguidherrhesphiguimcinserra fodfrontguerrguidherrhesphiguimcinserra
    • Hear kuchkundkyocleplumacmadmancmascara kuchkundkyocleplumacmadmancmascara
    • Hear matmattmezminmoreira matmattmezminmoreira
    • Hear mormorjmosqunajnocnogueira mormorjmosqunajnocnogueira
    • Hear noguo'hara noguo'hara
    • Hear olvpatpereira olvpatpereira
    • Hear perpereyra perpereyra
    • Hear perreira perreira
    • Hear portprospprovribrivsahara portprospprovribrivsahara
    • Hear scalsequeira scalsequeira
    • Hear sevsierra sevsierra
    • Hear silveira silveira
    • Hear silvsutsvizztavteixeira silvsutsvizztavteixeira
    • Hear tentexeira tentexeira
    • Hear tigvalvaquvespvieira tigvalvaquvespvieira
    • Hear vieyra vieyra
    • Hear aguirra aguirra
    • Hear almira almira
    • Hear ancira ancira
    • Hear baltierra baltierra
    • Hear chavira chavira
    • Hear ferriindira ferriindira
    • Hear kopkucmadeira kopkucmadeira
    • Hear magipalmira magipalmira
    • Hear pancisadira pancisadira
    • Hear saphira saphira
    • Hear semira semira
    • Hear shapira shapira
    • Hear taira taira
    • Hear tejvaltierra tejvaltierra
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aguilasambonascalcaterra aguilasambonascalcaterra
    • Hear costeira costeira
    • Hear deherrescalguayablabarbnicotolivoseguprimavprivitrivitalavvinciguerra deherrescalguayablabarbnicotolivoseguprimavprivitrivitalavvinciguerra
    • Hear xavisalvatierra xavisalvatierra
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear financitabacalera financitabacalera

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