Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ noun dih-teyl, dee-teyl; verb dih-teyl or, for 13, dee-teyl ]

Definition: Play

n. 1.a small item; a particular; 2.all the particulars of something considered together; v. to describe or tell with all the particulars.

Sentence: Play Play

Look at the amazing detail in this drawing!

More example sentences:

Look at the amazing detail in this drawing!

Hear it Hear it

Which detail supports the topic sentence: A.J. knows when to do the right thing?

Hear it Hear it

Which detail from the text shows that Sam was getting tired?

Hear it Hear it

Which is not a true detail from the story?

Hear it Hear it

What detail fits the after dinner slide show?

Hear it Hear it

What is the important detail about Olive having Sukie's coat?

Hear it Hear it

What detail does Andrew tell only to Mr. Neighbor?

Hear it Hear it

Which detail from the text shows that Franklin is responsible?

Hear it Hear it

Which detail supports the claim that teachers didn't speak the Navajo language at the boarding schools?

Hear it Hear it

The author chooses every detail in her story carefully. Which did NOT help move the story forward?

Hear it Hear it

The Navajo code was an important part of World War II. What detail from the story best supports this idea?

Hear it Hear it

What kind of army detail work did Thomas Galway have on July 4, 1863?

Hear it Hear it

Which is not a detail of the rattlesnake challenge?

Hear it Hear it

Which detail is not true about the French Marines?

Hear it Hear it

Which detail from the text shows that Sam is shy?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

feature; specific aspect; piece; bit

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in detail?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide detail into syllables:


Detail rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear ail ail
    • Hear ale ale
    • Hear bail bail
    • Hear baile baile
    • Hear bale bale
    • Hear balle balle
    • Hear bayle bayle
    • Hear beyl beyl
    • Hear braille braille
    • Hear cail cail
    • Hear cale cale
    • Hear calle calle
    • Hear crail crail
    • Hear dail dail
    • Hear daile daile
    • Hear dale dale
    • Hear dayle dayle
    • Hear dralle dralle
    • Hear fail fail
    • Hear faile faile
    • Hear flail flail
    • Hear frail frail
    • Hear gael gael
    • Hear gail gail
    • Hear gaile gaile
    • Hear gale gale
    • Hear galle galle
    • Hear gayle gayle
    • Hear grail grail
    • Hear hail hail
    • Hear haile haile
    • Hear hale hale
    • Hear heyl heyl
    • Hear jail jail
    • Hear kael kael
    • Hear kail kail
    • Hear kale kale
    • Hear lail lail
    • Hear mail mail
    • Hear maile maile
    • Hear maille maille
    • Hear male male
    • Hear mayle mayle
    • Hear nail nail
    • Hear naill naill
    • Hear nale nale
    • Hear pail pail
    • Hear paille paille
    • Hear pale pale
    • Hear pralle pralle
    • Hear quail quail
    • Hear quale quale
    • Hear quayle quayle
    • Hear rael rael
    • Hear rail rail
    • Hear raile raile
    • Hear rayl rayl
    • Hear rayle rayle
    • Hear reil reil
    • Hear sail sail
    • Hear sale sale
    • Hear salle salle
    • Hear sayle sayle
    • Hear scale scale
    • Hear schmale schmale
    • Hear shale shale
    • Hear smail smail
    • Hear smale smale
    • Hear snail snail
    • Hear staehle staehle
    • Hear stale stale
    • Hear tail tail
    • Hear tale tale
    • Hear they'll they'll
    • Hear trail trail
    • Hear vail vail
    • Hear vaile vaile
    • Hear vale vale
    • Hear valle valle
    • Hear veil veil
    • Hear wail wail
    • Hear wale wale
    • Hear weyl weyl
    • Hear whale whale
    • Hear yale yale
    • Hear zale zale
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear amell amell
    • Hear ancell ancell
    • Hear assail assail
    • Hear avail avail
    • Hear barrell barrell
    • Hear bartell bartell
    • Hear bewail bewail
    • Hear borrell borrell
    • Hear cadell cadell
    • Hear capell capell
    • Hear cardell cardell
    • Hear carrell carrell
    • Hear cartmell cartmell
    • Hear carvell carvell
    • Hear correll correll
    • Hear curtail curtail
    • Hear derail derail
    • Hear dorrell dorrell
    • Hear entail entail
    • Hear exhale exhale
    • Hear garrell garrell
    • Hear gorrell gorrell
    • Hear impale impale
    • Hear inhale inhale
    • Hear jamail jamail
    • Hear jarrell jarrell
    • Hear jerrell jerrell
    • Hear kvale kvale
    • Hear lavell lavell
    • Hear levell levell
    • Hear macphail macphail
    • Hear marcell marcell
    • Hear mcgrail mcgrail
    • Hear mchale mchale
    • Hear mcphail mcphail
    • Hear mikael mikael
    • Hear mikhail mikhail
    • Hear modell modell
    • Hear mortell mortell
    • Hear nadell nadell
    • Hear orrell orrell
    • Hear parcell parcell
    • Hear perrell perrell
    • Hear podell podell
    • Hear portell portell
    • Hear prevail prevail
    • Hear quesnell quesnell
    • Hear radell radell
    • Hear rafale rafale
    • Hear revell revell
    • Hear savell savell
    • Hear sumrell sumrell
    • Hear surveil surveil
    • Hear tirrell tirrell
    • Hear today'll today'll
    • Hear tramell tramell
    • Hear travail travail
    • Hear unveil unveil
    • Hear verrell verrell
    • Hear withnail withnail
    • Hear
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear avenell avenell
    • Hear averell averell
    • Hear deverell deverell

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