Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ dih-stroi ]

Definition: Play

v. to bring to a complete end the physical soundness or existence or usefulness of

Sentence: Play Play

Godzilla tried to destroy the city.

More example sentences:

Godzilla tried to destroy the city.

Hear it Hear it

Why did Sam Houston want to destroy the Alamo when his army captured it?

Hear it Hear it

What does the Lincoln destroy on the Alexander?

Hear it Hear it

What did Mark pull off hoping the scarecrows would pull theirs off and it would destroy them?

Hear it Hear it

Why doesn't Hilo want to destroy the dangerous robot?

Hear it Hear it

What did Cooper destroy while Mallory and Jonah were in the kitchen?

Hear it Hear it

When Levi is brought to art club, Drew has to destroy him. Why?

Hear it Hear it

What reason does Alex give Natacha for wanting to destroy his nightbooks?

Hear it Hear it

Why does Victor destroy his second creation?

Hear it Hear it

Why did Jake destroy Teddy's tent?

Hear it Hear it

How did the china pig try to destroy the five sisters?

Hear it Hear it

Once the Pipers destroy this planet, what will they do?

Hear it Hear it

Who tried to destroy Tang's business?

Hear it Hear it

Why do you think the Islanders wanted to destroy the Vortex?

Hear it Hear it

They pasteurize the milk to destroy certain microorganisms.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

demolish; ruin; smash; wreck; decimate

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in destroy?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide destroy into syllables:


Destroy rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear boy boy
    • Hear boye boye
    • Hear broy broy
    • Hear choi choi
    • Hear choy choy
    • Hear cloy cloy
    • Hear coy coy
    • Hear coye coye
    • Hear croix croix
    • Hear croy croy
    • Hear doi doi
    • Hear floy floy
    • Hear foie foie
    • Hear foy foy
    • Hear foye foye
    • Hear goy goy
    • Hear hoi hoi
    • Hear hoy hoy
    • Hear hoye hoye
    • Hear joy joy
    • Hear joye joye
    • Hear knoy knoy
    • Hear kroy kroy
    • Hear loy loy
    • Hear loye loye
    • Hear moy moy
    • Hear moye moye
    • Hear neu neu
    • Hear oi oi
    • Hear oie oie
    • Hear oy oy
    • Hear oye oye
    • Hear ploy ploy
    • Hear roi roi
    • Hear roy roy
    • Hear roye roye
    • Hear scheu scheu
    • Hear sgroi sgroi
    • Hear soy soy
    • Hear stoy stoy
    • Hear toy toy
    • Hear toye toye
    • Hear troy troy
    • Hear woy woy
    • Hear yoy yoy
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear alroy alroy
    • Hear annoy annoy
    • Hear bolshoi bolshoi
    • Hear deboy deboy
    • Hear decoy decoy
    • Hear dejoy dejoy
    • Hear deploy deploy
    • Hear elroy elroy
    • Hear employ employ
    • Hear enjoy enjoy
    • Hear flournoy flournoy
    • Hear laboy laboy
    • Hear lacroix lacroix
    • Hear lafoy lafoy
    • Hear lavoy lavoy
    • Hear malloy malloy
    • Hear mccloy mccloy
    • Hear mccoy mccoy
    • Hear mckoy mckoy
    • Hear mcroy mcroy
    • Hear mcvoy mcvoy
    • Hear polloi polloi
    • Hear quemoy quemoy
    • Hear savoy savoy
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear illinois illinois
    • Hear redeploy redeploy
    • Hear unemploy unemploy
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear underemploy underemploy

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