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Phonetic Respelling: [ dam ]

Definition: Play

n. a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea; v. obstruct with or as if with above

Sentence: Play Play

The beaver built a dam.

More example sentences:

The beaver built a dam.

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The beaver built its dam with mud and twigs.

Hear it Hear it

A beaver builds their dam with mud and twigs.

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A beaver dam might be considered a phenotype of beaver genes.

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What did the octo-schnozz blow at the dam by the lagoon?

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Sally Jane and Papa went to watch the dam building on which day?

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Why did the men dam up the river?

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Why was the dam poorly built?

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What happens to Bird when the dam breaks?

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What was the dam built of where the beavers lived?

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Saboteurs dynamited the dam.

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Synonyms: Play

dike; water barrier; block up

Antonyms: Play

beaver; unblock

How many syllables in dam?

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Divide dam into syllables:


Dam rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear am am
    • Hear bahm bahm
    • Hear bam bam
    • Hear bram bram
    • Hear cam cam
    • Hear camm camm
    • Hear cham cham
    • Hear clam clam
    • Hear cram cram
    • Hear dahm dahm
    • Hear damm damm
    • Hear damme damme
    • Hear damn damn
    • Hear dram dram
    • Hear flam flam
    • Hear flamm flamm
    • Hear frahm frahm
    • Hear fram fram
    • Hear gahm gahm
    • Hear gamm gamm
    • Hear graeme graeme
    • Hear graham graham
    • Hear gram gram
    • Hear gramm gramm
    • Hear hahm hahm
    • Hear ham ham
    • Hear hamm hamm
    • Hear hamme hamme
    • Hear jam jam
    • Hear jamb jamb
    • Hear kam kam
    • Hear kamm kamm
    • Hear klamm klamm
    • Hear kram kram
    • Hear kramm kramm
    • Hear kramme kramme
    • Hear lahm lahm
    • Hear lam lam
    • Hear lamb lamb
    • Hear lambe lambe
    • Hear lamm lamm
    • Hear lamme lamme
    • Hear ma'am ma'am
    • Hear nahm nahm
    • Hear nam nam
    • Hear pam pam
    • Hear pham pham
    • Hear plam plam
    • Hear quamme quamme
    • Hear rahm rahm
    • Hear ram ram
    • Hear ramm ramm
    • Hear sahm sahm
    • Hear sam sam
    • Hear scam scam
    • Hear schram schram
    • Hear schramm schramm
    • Hear scram scram
    • Hear sham sham
    • Hear slam slam
    • Hear spam spam
    • Hear sram sram
    • Hear stam stam
    • Hear stamm stamm
    • Hear stram stram
    • Hear swam swam
    • Hear tam tam
    • Hear tamm tamm
    • Hear tham tham
    • Hear tram tram
    • Hear wham wham
    • Hear yam yam
    • Hear zahm zahm
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abram abram
    • Hear alam alam
    • Hear burcham burcham
    • Hear dirlam dirlam
    • Hear exam exam
    • Hear inghram inghram
    • Hear kvam kvam
    • Hear kvamme kvamme
    • Hear laflam laflam
    • Hear madame madame
    • Hear mcclam mcclam
    • Hear mcham mcham
    • Hear mclamb mclamb
    • Hear mme mme
    • Hear panam panam
    • Hear siam siam
    • Hear t-lam t-lam
    • Hear vanvandamme vanvandamme

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