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Phonetic Respelling: [ zahr, tsahr ]

Definition: Play

n. an emperor or king especially the ruler of Russia until the 1917 revolution

Sentence: Play Play

A prominent czar in Russia was Nicholas the first.

More example sentences:

A prominent czar in Russia was Nicholas the first.

Hear it Hear it

What was the notorious group given power by the czar to kill Jews?

Hear it Hear it

What was the first thing the czar asked the wives to make?

Hear it Hear it

After they arrived back at the palace, what did the czar announce?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

king; emperor; monarch

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in czar?

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Divide czar into syllables:


Czar rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear ahr ahr
    • Hear ar ar
    • Hear are are
    • Hear baar baar
    • Hear bahr bahr
    • Hear bahre bahre
    • Hear bar bar
    • Hear barr barr
    • Hear barre barre
    • Hear car car
    • Hear carr carr
    • Hear carre carre
    • Hear char char
    • Hear claar claar
    • Hear clar clar
    • Hear csar csar
    • Hear dar dar
    • Hear darr darr
    • Hear fahr fahr
    • Hear far far
    • Hear farr farr
    • Hear flohr flohr
    • Hear gaar gaar
    • Hear gahr gahr
    • Hear gar gar
    • Hear gohr gohr
    • Hear haar haar
    • Hear jahr jahr
    • Hear jar jar
    • Hear kahr kahr
    • Hear kahre kahre
    • Hear karr karr
    • Hear klar klar
    • Hear lahr lahr
    • Hear lar lar
    • Hear maher maher
    • Hear mahr mahr
    • Hear mar mar
    • Hear marr marr
    • Hear mawr mawr
    • Hear meagher meagher
    • Hear our our
    • Hear paar paar
    • Hear par par
    • Hear parr parr
    • Hear pfarr pfarr
    • Hear phar phar
    • Hear pharr pharr
    • Hear quarre quarre
    • Hear r r
    • Hear r. r.
    • Hear saar saar
    • Hear sar sar
    • Hear scar scar
    • Hear schaar schaar
    • Hear schar schar
    • Hear scharr scharr
    • Hear skaar skaar
    • Hear sklar sklar
    • Hear spahr spahr
    • Hear spar spar
    • Hear sphar sphar
    • Hear spohr spohr
    • Hear staar staar
    • Hear star star
    • Hear starr starr
    • Hear tar tar
    • Hear tarr tarr
    • Hear thar thar
    • Hear tsar tsar
    • Hear voir voir
    • Hear yahr yahr
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear adar adar
    • Hear afar afar
    • Hear ajar ajar
    • Hear algar algar
    • Hear allar allar
    • Hear alvare alvare
    • Hear amar amar
    • Hear azar azar
    • Hear azhar azhar
    • Hear bargar bargar
    • Hear bazaar bazaar
    • Hear bazar bazar
    • Hear bejar bejar
    • Hear bizarre bizarre
    • Hear bodnar bodnar
    • Hear bogar bogar
    • Hear bognar bognar
    • Hear bomar bomar
    • Hear bondar bondar
    • Hear bonior bonior
    • Hear boyar boyar
    • Hear ceasar ceasar
    • Hear cigar cigar
    • Hear cisar cisar
    • Hear cotnoir cotnoir
    • Hear cousar cousar
    • Hear d'ivoire d'ivoire
    • Hear dakar dakar
    • Hear dardar dardar
    • Hear demar demar
    • Hear detar detar
    • Hear dinar dinar
    • Hear disbar disbar
    • Hear dzhokhar dzhokhar
    • Hear dzokhar dzokhar
    • Hear farquar farquar
    • Hear farrar farrar
    • Hear ghafar ghafar
    • Hear giroir giroir
    • Hear giscard giscard
    • Hear godar godar
    • Hear gombar gombar
    • Hear gregoire gregoire
    • Hear guitar guitar
    • Hear guizar guizar
    • Hear hajjar hajjar
    • Hear hamar hamar
    • Hear hribar hribar
    • Hear huizar huizar
    • Hear jabar jabar
    • Hear jabbar jabbar
    • Hear jaffar jaffar
    • Hear jamar jamar
    • Hear jiar jiar
    • Hear jr jr
    • Hear kadar kadar
    • Hear kjar kjar
    • Hear kumar kumar
    • Hear labar labar
    • Hear lamar lamar
    • Hear lamarr lamarr
    • Hear lebar lebar
    • Hear lemar lemar
    • Hear mcgarr mcgarr
    • Hear melgar melgar
    • Hear minnaar minnaar
    • Hear myanmar myanmar
    • Hear najar najar
    • Hear najjar najjar
    • Hear navar navar
    • Hear navarre navarre
    • Hear nayyar nayyar
    • Hear nazar nazar
    • Hear obar obar
    • Hear obarr obarr
    • Hear paccar paccar
    • Hear pickar pickar
    • Hear pintar pintar
    • Hear preslar preslar
    • Hear qatar qatar
    • Hear renoir renoir
    • Hear revoir revoir
    • Hear ribar ribar
    • Hear robar robar
    • Hear sagar sagar
    • Hear sharar sharar
    • Hear sharrar sharrar
    • Hear soutar soutar
    • Hear subpar subpar
    • Hear tabar tabar
    • Hear tesar tesar
    • Hear tokar tokar
    • Hear tovar tovar
    • Hear transtar transtar
    • Hear victoire victoire
    • Hear zachar zachar
    • Hear zadar zadar
    • Hear zagar zagar
    • Hear zalar zalar
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aer aer
    • Hear almanzar almanzar
    • Hear andujar andujar
    • Hear aquilar aquilar
    • Hear avelar avelar
    • Hear baldemar baldemar
    • Hear baltazar baltazar
    • Hear delamar delamar
    • Hear delebarre delebarre
    • Hear hekmatyar hekmatyar
    • Hear hocevar hocevar
    • Hear menjivar menjivar
    • Hear npr npr
    • Hear rajkumar rajkumar
    • Hear saldivar saldivar
    • Hear saldovar saldovar
    • Hear superstar superstar
    • Hear valdemar valdemar
    • Hear zaldivar zaldivar
    • Hear zulfikar zulfikar
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear almodovar almodovar
    • Hear balakumar balakumar
    • Hear emdr emdr
    • Hear qasr qasr
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear wor wor

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