Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ kawr, kohr ]

Definition: Play

a group of people who do an activity together; a branch of the military that does a special kind of work

Sentence: Play Play

This will be his third season as the best dancer in the ballet corps.

More example sentences:

This will be his third season as the best dancer in the ballet corps.

Hear it Hear it

The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps were known as what?

Hear it Hear it

Why was the 1st U.S. Army Camel Corps disbanded?

Hear it Hear it

The Peace Corps has many forms of American beneficence around the world.

Hear it Hear it

Who sent Peace Corps volunteers to help other countries?

Hear it Hear it

John Kennedy started the Peace Corps during his Presidency. Which is NOT something the Peace Corps help with?

Hear it Hear it

Why did the Corps (the Expedition) need to meet the Shoshoni Indians?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

group; team; outfit

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in Corps?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide Corps into syllables:


Corps rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear baur baur
    • Hear boar boar
    • Hear boer boer
    • Hear bohr bohr
    • Hear bore bore
    • Hear borre borre
    • Hear chore chore
    • Hear clore clore
    • Hear coar coar
    • Hear cohr cohr
    • Hear cor cor
    • Hear core core
    • Hear corps corps
    • Hear corr corr
    • Hear d'or d'or
    • Hear doerr doerr
    • Hear dohr dohr
    • Hear door door
    • Hear dore dore
    • Hear dorr dorr
    • Hear drawer drawer
    • Hear faure faure
    • Hear floor floor
    • Hear flor flor
    • Hear flore flore
    • Hear for for
    • Hear fore fore
    • Hear four four
    • Hear glor glor
    • Hear glore glore
    • Hear goar goar
    • Hear gore gore
    • Hear gorr gorr
    • Hear hoar hoar
    • Hear hoare hoare
    • Hear hoerr hoerr
    • Hear horr horr
    • Hear knorr knorr
    • Hear kohr kohr
    • Hear laur laur
    • Hear laure laure
    • Hear loar loar
    • Hear loehr loehr
    • Hear lohr lohr
    • Hear lor lor
    • Hear lore lore
    • Hear mohr mohr
    • Hear moore moore
    • Hear mor mor
    • Hear more more
    • Hear morr morr
    • Hear nohr nohr
    • Hear nor nor
    • Hear oar oar
    • Hear ohr ohr
    • Hear or or
    • Hear ore ore
    • Hear orr orr
    • Hear por por
    • Hear pore pore
    • Hear porr porr
    • Hear pour pour
    • Hear roar roar
    • Hear roehr roehr
    • Hear rohr rohr
    • Hear saur saur
    • Hear schnorr schnorr
    • Hear schor schor
    • Hear schorr schorr
    • Hear scor scor
    • Hear score score
    • Hear shore shore
    • Hear shorr shorr
    • Hear snore snore
    • Hear soar soar
    • Hear sor sor
    • Hear sore sore
    • Hear spaur spaur
    • Hear spore spore
    • Hear stoehr stoehr
    • Hear stohr stohr
    • Hear store store
    • Hear storr storr
    • Hear swore swore
    • Hear thor thor
    • Hear tor tor
    • Hear tore tore
    • Hear torr torr
    • Hear torre torre
    • Hear vore vore
    • Hear war war
    • Hear warr warr
    • Hear whore whore
    • Hear woehr woehr
    • Hear wor wor
    • Hear wore wore
    • Hear yore yore
    • Hear your your
    • Hear boers boers
    • Hear bores bores
    • Hear bors bors
    • Hear chores chores
    • Hear clore's clore's
    • Hear cohrs cohrs
    • Hear cores cores
    • Hear corps' corps'
    • Hear corps corps
    • Hear door's door's
    • Hear doors doors
    • Hear drawers drawers
    • Hear floors floors
    • Hear four's four's
    • Hear fours fours
    • Hear gore's gore's
    • Hear gores gores
    • Hear hors hors
    • Hear kohrs kohrs
    • Hear moore's moore's
    • Hear mor's mor's
    • Hear morze morze
    • Hear oars oars
    • Hear ores ores
    • Hear poors poors
    • Hear pores pores
    • Hear pours pours
    • Hear roars roars
    • Hear roehrs roehrs
    • Hear rohrs rohrs
    • Hear schorr's schorr's
    • Hear scores scores
    • Hear shore's shore's
    • Hear shores shores
    • Hear snores snores
    • Hear soars soars
    • Hear sores sores
    • Hear spores spores
    • Hear store's store's
    • Hear stores stores
    • Hear stores' stores'
    • Hear storrs storrs
    • Hear storz storz
    • Hear tours tours
    • Hear war's war's
    • Hear wars wars
    • Hear wars' wars'
    • Hear whores whores
    • Hear yours yours
    • Hear zorz zorz
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abhor abhor
    • Hear ador ador
    • Hear adore adore
    • Hear afore afore
    • Hear amour amour
    • Hear ashore ashore
    • Hear bator bator
    • Hear before before
    • Hear c4 c4
    • Hear cat-4 cat-4
    • Hear decor decor
    • Hear delore delore
    • Hear deplore deplore
    • Hear devor devor
    • Hear dior dior
    • Hear elnore elnore
    • Hear explore explore
    • Hear gabor gabor
    • Hear galore galore
    • Hear gilgore gilgore
    • Hear hardcore hardcore
    • Hear ignore ignore
    • Hear igor igor
    • Hear implore implore
    • Hear inscore inscore
    • Hear inshore inshore
    • Hear jambor jambor
    • Hear labore labore
    • Hear lahore lahore
    • Hear lalor lalor
    • Hear lamaur lamaur
    • Hear lazor lazor
    • Hear lenore lenore
    • Hear livor livor
    • Hear longcor longcor
    • Hear m4 m4
    • Hear mazor mazor
    • Hear melor melor
    • Hear ngor ngor
    • Hear noncore noncore
    • Hear offshore offshore
    • Hear outpour outpour
    • Hear outscore outscore
    • Hear postwar postwar
    • Hear prewar prewar
    • Hear rapport rapport
    • Hear restore restore
    • Hear roquemore roquemore
    • Hear rumore rumore
    • Hear sedor sedor
    • Hear senor senor
    • Hear timor timor
    • Hear abhors abhors
    • Hear adores adores
    • Hear azores azores
    • Hear delore's delore's
    • Hear delors delors
    • Hear deplores deplores
    • Hear explores explores
    • Hear ignores ignores
    • Hear implores implores
    • Hear nemours nemours
    • Hear outdoors outdoors
    • Hear restores restores
    • Hear timor's timor's
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear antiwar antiwar
    • Hear anymore anymore
    • Hear armentor armentor
    • Hear balthazor balthazor
    • Hear guarantor guarantor
    • Hear heretofore heretofore
    • Hear livermore livermore
    • Hear montefiore montefiore
    • Hear paramore paramore
    • Hear underscore underscore
    • Hear guarantors guarantors
    • Hear saboteurs saboteurs
    • Hear underscores underscores
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear cavalli-sfor cavalli-sfor
    • Hear espectador espectador
    • Hear montemayor montemayor
    • Hear sotomayor sotomayor
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear villasenor villasenor

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