Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ kuhn-fet-ee for 1; Italian kawn-fet-tee for 2 ]

Definition: Play

n. small bits of brightly colored paper made for throwing

Sentence: Play Play

She likes to tatter the paper into confetti.

More example sentences:

She likes to tatter the paper into confetti.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

paper bits; paper strips; small paper pieces

Antonyms: Play

cement block

How many syllables in confetti?

3 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide confetti into syllables:


Confetti rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear bette bette
    • Hear betti betti
    • Hear betty betty
    • Hear detty detty
    • Hear ettie ettie
    • Hear etty etty
    • Hear fetty fetty
    • Hear getty getty
    • Hear hetti hetti
    • Hear hettie hettie
    • Hear hetty hetty
    • Hear jetty jetty
    • Hear ketti ketti
    • Hear lettie lettie
    • Hear letty letty
    • Hear nettie nettie
    • Hear netty netty
    • Hear petie petie
    • Hear petit petit
    • Hear pettey pettey
    • Hear petti petti
    • Hear pettie pettie
    • Hear petty petty
    • Hear pretti pretti
    • Hear setty setty
    • Hear sweaty sweaty
    • Hear teti teti
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aletti aletti
    • Hear andretti andretti
    • Hear bassetti bassetti
    • Hear benetti benetti
    • Hear binetti binetti
    • Hear bonetti bonetti
    • Hear briccetti briccetti
    • Hear brunetti brunetti
    • Hear coletti coletti
    • Hear colletti colletti
    • Hear corsetti corsetti
    • Hear dalgety dalgety
    • Hear doretti doretti
    • Hear ferretti ferretti
    • Hear fischetti fischetti
    • Hear galletti galletti
    • Hear garcetti garcetti
    • Hear giannetti giannetti
    • Hear guzzetti guzzetti
    • Hear leonetti leonetti
    • Hear lucchetti lucchetti
    • Hear magneti magneti
    • Hear marchetti marchetti
    • Hear mazzetti mazzetti
    • Hear moretti moretti
    • Hear moschetti moschetti
    • Hear pareti pareti
    • Hear paretti paretti
    • Hear parretti parretti
    • Hear pedretti pedretti
    • Hear peretti peretti
    • Hear perfetti perfetti
    • Hear perretti perretti
    • Hear poletti poletti
    • Hear ponzetti ponzetti
    • Hear proietti proietti
    • Hear repetti repetti
    • Hear righetti righetti
    • Hear rosetti rosetti
    • Hear rossetti rossetti
    • Hear salvetti salvetti
    • Hear spaghetti spaghetti
    • Hear vendetti vendetti
    • Hear vietti vietti
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear allegretti allegretti
    • Hear angeletti angeletti
    • Hear antonetti antonetti
    • Hear bartoletti bartoletti
    • Hear benedetti benedetti
    • Hear cappelletti cappelletti
    • Hear civiletti civiletti
    • Hear donizetti donizetti
    • Hear felicetti felicetti
    • Hear fioretti fioretti
    • Hear giacometti giacometti
    • Hear giovanetti giovanetti
    • Hear giovannetti giovannetti
    • Hear grandinetti grandinetti
    • Hear lionetti lionetti
    • Hear lorenzetti lorenzetti
    • Hear micheletti micheletti
    • Hear nicoletti nicoletti
    • Hear olivetti olivetti
    • Hear paoletti paoletti
    • Hear passaretti passaretti
    • Hear sanguinetti sanguinetti
    • Hear serengeti serengeti
    • Hear simonetti simonetti
    • Hear tomasetti tomasetti
    • Hear tomassetti tomassetti
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear famiglietti famiglietti
    • Hear guglielmetti guglielmetti

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