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Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ verb kuhm-bat, kom-bat, kuhm-; noun kom-bat, kuhm- ]

Definition: Play

v. to fight or contend or struggle; n. an engagement fought between two military forces

Sentence: Play Play

The army was ready for combat.

More example sentences:

The army was ready for combat.

Hear it Hear it

Where did the first known gladiatorial combat in Rome take place?

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In what year did the first combat submarine go into action?

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What did F'lar use to combat the fallen "Threads"?

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In which war did Buzz fly sixty-six combat missions?

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Why does Julie want Dan's father's combat boots?

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Which combat zone was Josh sent to?

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From what ancient people, did the idea for one-on-one combat come from?

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What did Patrice's uncle do to combat a neighborhood invasion?

Hear it Hear it

In training for combat with the Drakkor, what is Skaelka's Third Step?

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Instead of new combat boots Granville will get what?

Hear it Hear it

He knows how to configure a plane for a combat mission.

Hear it Hear it

Neil used his combat flying skills in which United States war?

Hear it Hear it

How did Thaddea do in the combat ring?

Hear it Hear it

Why did the team that would combat the Sender need to be made up of children?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

battle; contend; fight; struggle

Antonyms: Play

love; peace

How many syllables in combat?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide combat into syllables:


Combat rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear at at
    • Hear bat bat
    • Hear batt batt
    • Hear batte batte
    • Hear bhatt bhatt
    • Hear blatt blatt
    • Hear brat brat
    • Hear bratt bratt
    • Hear cat cat
    • Hear catt catt
    • Hear chat chat
    • Hear dat dat
    • Hear fat fat
    • Hear flat flat
    • Hear flatt flatt
    • Hear gat gat
    • Hear gatt gatt
    • Hear glatt glatt
    • Hear gnat gnat
    • Hear hat hat
    • Hear hatt hatt
    • Hear hnat hnat
    • Hear jagt jagt
    • Hear kat kat
    • Hear katt katt
    • Hear klatt klatt
    • Hear krat krat
    • Hear kratt kratt
    • Hear lat lat
    • Hear mat mat
    • Hear matt matt
    • Hear matte matte
    • Hear nat nat
    • Hear pat pat
    • Hear patt patt
    • Hear platt platt
    • Hear platte platte
    • Hear pratt pratt
    • Hear pratte pratte
    • Hear rat rat
    • Hear ratte ratte
    • Hear sat sat
    • Hear scat scat
    • Hear schadt schadt
    • Hear shatt shatt
    • Hear slaght slaght
    • Hear slat slat
    • Hear spat spat
    • Hear splat splat
    • Hear spratt spratt
    • Hear stat stat
    • Hear tat tat
    • Hear that that
    • Hear vat vat
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear kombat kombat
    • Hear arnatt arnatt
    • Hear at-bat at-bat
    • Hear begat begat
    • Hear biernat biernat
    • Hear cravat cravat
    • Hear delatte delatte
    • Hear deslatte deslatte
    • Hear elat elat
    • Hear labatt labatt
    • Hear landsat landsat
    • Hear mcnatt mcnatt
    • Hear nonfat nonfat
    • Hear prevatt prevatt
    • Hear prevatte prevatte
    • Hear sadat sadat
    • Hear sarratt sarratt
    • Hear tvsat tvsat
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear balyeat balyeat
    • Hear gujarat gujarat
    • Hear inmarsat inmarsat
    • Hear rat-a-tat rat-a-tat
    • Hear tit-for-tat tit-for-tat

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