Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ kleet ]

Definition: Play

n. a piece of wood; metal; or plastic; often wedge-shaped; fastened to something to strengthen it or give secure footing

Sentence: Play Play

The baseball player has many pairs of cleats.

More example sentences:

The baseball player has many pairs of cleats.

Hear it Hear it

All the girls' cleats were dirty.

Hear it Hear it

To play football, you need a helmet, pads, cleats and what?

Hear it Hear it

How many syllables in cleats?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide cleats into syllables:


Cleats rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear baetz baetz
    • Hear beats beats
    • Hear beets beets
    • Hear beitz beitz
    • Hear bietz bietz
    • Hear bleats bleats
    • Hear cheats cheats
    • Hear deats deats
    • Hear deets deets
    • Hear deetz deetz
    • Hear deitz deitz
    • Hear dietz dietz
    • Hear eats eats
    • Hear feats feats
    • Hear fleet's fleet's
    • Hear fleets fleets
    • Hear gaetz gaetz
    • Hear graetz graetz
    • Hear greets greets
    • Hear heat's heat's
    • Hear heats heats
    • Hear keats keats
    • Hear keatts keatts
    • Hear keitz keitz
    • Hear kreitz kreitz
    • Hear leitz leitz
    • Hear lietz lietz
    • Hear meats meats
    • Hear meets meets
    • Hear meitz meitz
    • Hear neitz neitz
    • Hear paetz paetz
    • Hear peat's peat's
    • Hear peet's peet's
    • Hear peets peets
    • Hear peetz peetz
    • Hear peitz peitz
    • Hear pete's pete's
    • Hear pietz pietz
    • Hear pleats pleats
    • Hear raetz raetz
    • Hear reetz reetz
    • Hear rietz rietz
    • Hear scheets scheets
    • Hear scheetz scheetz
    • Hear seat's seat's
    • Hear seats seats
    • Hear sheats sheats
    • Hear sheets sheets
    • Hear sheetz sheetz
    • Hear skeets skeets
    • Hear steitz steitz
    • Hear street's street's
    • Hear streets streets
    • Hear suites suites
    • Hear sweets sweets
    • Hear teats teats
    • Hear teets teets
    • Hear tietz tietz
    • Hear treats treats
    • Hear viets viets
    • Hear weitz weitz
    • Hear yeatts yeatts
    • Hear zeitz zeitz
    • Hear zietz zietz
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear competes competes
    • Hear completes completes
    • Hear deceits deceits
    • Hear defeats defeats
    • Hear depletes depletes
    • Hear elites elites
    • Hear mistreats mistreats
    • Hear petites petites
    • Hear receipts receipts
    • Hear repeats repeats
    • Hear retreats retreats

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