Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ chil ]

Definition: Play

n. a feeling of cold accompanied by shivering; v. make cool or cooler

Sentence: Play Play

The chill in the air kept me in a coat. OR Chill the water before serving.

More example sentences:

The chill in the air kept me in a coat. OR Chill the water before serving.

Hear it Hear it

''That humanity had been lost in the centuries the thing spent in the chill waters of Death, ferociously holding its own against the current.'' What does 'ferociously' mean?

Hear it Hear it

The new day must be chill, but not as chill as what?

Hear it Hear it

What does the chill Chelsea felt at Amanda's memorial mean?

Hear it Hear it

Pyrogenic chill happens with a high fever.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

cold; cool; nip; frigid

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in chill?

1 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide chill into syllables:


Chill rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear 'til 'til
    • Hear bihl bihl
    • Hear bil bil
    • Hear bill bill
    • Hear brill brill
    • Hear crill crill
    • Hear dill dill
    • Hear dille dille
    • Hear drill drill
    • Hear fil fil
    • Hear fill fill
    • Hear fril fril
    • Hear frill frill
    • Hear gil gil
    • Hear gill gill
    • Hear grill grill
    • Hear grille grille
    • Hear guill guill
    • Hear hill hill
    • Hear hille hille
    • Hear il il
    • Hear ill ill
    • Hear jil jil
    • Hear jill jill
    • Hear kill kill
    • Hear kille kille
    • Hear knill knill
    • Hear krill krill
    • Hear lil lil
    • Hear lill lill
    • Hear lille lille
    • Hear mil mil
    • Hear mill mill
    • Hear mille mille
    • Hear nil nil
    • Hear nill nill
    • Hear phil phil
    • Hear pihl pihl
    • Hear pil pil
    • Hear pill pill
    • Hear pille pille
    • Hear prill prill
    • Hear quill quill
    • Hear rill rill
    • Hear sshill sshill
    • Hear shrill shrill
    • Hear sil sil
    • Hear sill sill
    • Hear skill skill
    • Hear spill spill
    • Hear stihl stihl
    • Hear stil stil
    • Hear still still
    • Hear stille stille
    • Hear swill swill
    • Hear thill thill
    • Hear thrill thrill
    • Hear til til
    • Hear till till
    • Hear trill trill
    • Hear twill twill
    • Hear ville ville
    • Hear we'll we'll
    • Hear wil wil
    • Hear will will
    • Hear wille wille
    • Hear zil zil
    • Hear zill zill
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abril abril
    • Hear antill antill
    • Hear asbill asbill
    • Hear auvil auvil
    • Hear bastille bastille
    • Hear belleville belleville
    • Hear brazil brazil
    • Hear brizill brizill
    • Hear calill calill
    • Hear courville courville
    • Hear demille demille
    • Hear deville deville
    • Hear distil distil
    • Hear distill distill
    • Hear douville douville
    • Hear dutil dutil
    • Hear fulfill fulfill
    • Hear gambill gambill
    • Hear gayshill gayshill
    • Hear goodwill goodwill
    • Hear grabill grabill
    • Hear instill instill
    • Hear isbill isbill
    • Hear jabril jabril
    • Hear macdill macdill
    • Hear mcdill mcdill
    • Hear mcgill mcgill
    • Hear newill newill
    • Hear pudwill pudwill
    • Hear refill refill
    • Hear seville seville
    • Hear sunil sunil
    • Hear tallil tallil
    • Hear until until
    • Hear uphill uphill
    • Hear waddill waddill
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear quenneville quenneville

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