Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ kuh-noo ]

Definition: Play

n. a long light narrow boat with pointed ends and curved sides that is usually moved by someone using a paddle

Sentence: Play Play

His canoe was made of birch bark.

More example sentences:

His canoe was made of birch bark.

Hear it Hear it

What does "great canoe with wings" mean?

Hear it Hear it

Why did the men in the canoe Jean Pierre was aboard become lost on the Ottawa River?

Hear it Hear it

What upset Pinch in the canoe on the way to Auntie Muskrat's?

Hear it Hear it

''The canoe flipped, and David and I plummeted into the water.'' What does 'plummeted' mean?

Hear it Hear it

Where did the canoe trip end?

Hear it Hear it

We decided to use the canoe to explore the shoreline.

Hear it Hear it

What did Michael learn to use on his canoe trip?

Hear it Hear it

There was a long portage on our canoe trip through the Finger Lakes.

Hear it Hear it

Who usually takes a canoe out on the lake with Houndsley?

Hear it Hear it

The canoe was made of birchbark.

Hear it Hear it

The canoe was swamped by the big wave.

Hear it Hear it

We paddled our canoe into the embayment.

Hear it Hear it

The author explains that at times you must tether your canoe to a tree. What does the word 'tether' mean?

Hear it Hear it

Why didn't Jake's team win the canoe challenge?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

light boat; birch boat; dugout

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in canoe?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide canoe into syllables:


Canoe rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear beu beu
    • Hear bleu bleu
    • Hear blew blew
    • Hear blue blue
    • Hear boo boo
    • Hear breaux breaux
    • Hear brew brew
    • Hear brue brue
    • Hear chew chew
    • Hear chiu chiu
    • Hear choo choo
    • Hear chou chou
    • Hear chu chu
    • Hear clue clue
    • Hear coo coo
    • Hear cou cou
    • Hear coup coup
    • Hear coups coups
    • Hear crew crew
    • Hear crewe crewe
    • Hear cue cue
    • Hear deux deux
    • Hear dew dew
    • Hear do do
    • Hear doo doo
    • Hear douwe douwe
    • Hear drew drew
    • Hear dru dru
    • Hear du du
    • Hear due due
    • Hear ewe ewe
    • Hear few few
    • Hear flew flew
    • Hear flu flu
    • Hear flue flue
    • Hear foo foo
    • Hear frew frew
    • Hear frueh frueh
    • Hear fu fu
    • Hear glew glew
    • Hear glue glue
    • Hear gnu gnu
    • Hear goo goo
    • Hear graue graue
    • Hear grew grew
    • Hear grewe grewe
    • Hear gu gu
    • Hear gue gue
    • Hear hew hew
    • Hear hewe hewe
    • Hear hoo hoo
    • Hear hou hou
    • Hear houx houx
    • Hear hsu hsu
    • Hear hu hu
    • Hear hue hue
    • Hear hugh hugh
    • Hear jew jew
    • Hear joo joo
    • Hear ju ju
    • Hear jue jue
    • Hear kew kew
    • Hear khoo khoo
    • Hear khuu khuu
    • Hear knew knew
    • Hear koo koo
    • Hear ku ku
    • Hear kyu kyu
    • Hear leu leu
    • Hear lew lew
    • Hear lieu lieu
    • Hear liu liu
    • Hear loo loo
    • Hear lou lou
    • Hear louw louw
    • Hear loux loux
    • Hear lu lu
    • Hear lue lue
    • Hear mew mew
    • Hear moo moo
    • Hear mu mu
    • Hear new new
    • Hear nu nu
    • Hear ooh ooh
    • Hear oooh oooh
    • Hear ou ou
    • Hear peugh peugh
    • Hear pew pew
    • Hear phew phew
    • Hear phu phu
    • Hear plew plew
    • Hear plue plue
    • Hear poo poo
    • Hear pooh pooh
    • Hear pou pou
    • Hear prew prew
    • Hear pru pru
    • Hear prue prue
    • Hear prugh prugh
    • Hear pu pu
    • Hear pugh pugh
    • Hear q q
    • Hear q. q.
    • Hear qu qu
    • Hear que que
    • Hear queue queue
    • Hear rew rew
    • Hear rhew rhew
    • Hear rhue rhue
    • Hear rioux rioux
    • Hear ru ru
    • Hear rue rue
    • Hear schewe schewe
    • Hear schoo schoo
    • Hear schou schou
    • Hear schue schue
    • Hear schuh schuh
    • Hear screw screw
    • Hear shew shew
    • Hear shiu shiu
    • Hear shoe shoe
    • Hear shoo shoo
    • Hear shrew shrew
    • Hear shu shu
    • Hear shue shue
    • Hear siew siew
    • Hear sioux sioux
    • Hear skew skew
    • Hear slew slew
    • Hear soo soo
    • Hear spew spew
    • Hear stew stew
    • Hear strew strew
    • Hear stu stu
    • Hear stuewe stuewe
    • Hear su su
    • Hear sue sue
    • Hear tew tew
    • Hear thew thew
    • Hear threw threw
    • Hear through through
    • Hear thru thru
    • Hear thuy thuy
    • Hear to to
    • Hear too too
    • Hear treu treu
    • Hear trew trew
    • Hear trieu trieu
    • Hear true true
    • Hear tu tu
    • Hear tue tue
    • Hear two two
    • Hear u u
    • Hear uwe uwe
    • Hear view view
    • Hear vu vu
    • Hear vue vue
    • Hear whew whew
    • Hear who who
    • Hear woo woo
    • Hear wu wu
    • Hear xu xu
    • Hear xue xue
    • Hear yew yew
    • Hear yoo yoo
    • Hear you you
    • Hear yu yu
    • Hear yue yue
    • Hear zhou zhou
    • Hear zhu zhu
    • Hear zoo zoo
    • Hear zue zue
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear abou abou
    • Hear abreu abreu
    • Hear accrue accrue
    • Hear adieu adieu
    • Hear ado ado
    • Hear ague ague
    • Hear anew anew
    • Hear askew askew
    • Hear babu babu
    • Hear baku baku
    • Hear ballou ballou
    • Hear bamboo bamboo
    • Hear bellew bellew
    • Hear c2 c2
    • Hear cat-2 cat-2
    • Hear cebu cebu
    • Hear chaloux chaloux
    • Hear champoux champoux
    • Hear chengdu chengdu
    • Hear construe construe
    • Hear corbu corbu
    • Hear coutu coutu
    • Hear deblois deblois
    • Hear debut debut
    • Hear decou decou
    • Hear depew depew
    • Hear depue depue
    • Hear egnew egnew
    • Hear ensue ensue
    • Hear eschew eschew
    • Hear fauroux fauroux
    • Hear fitzhugh fitzhugh
    • Hear fondue fondue
    • Hear fourtou fourtou
    • Hear geroux geroux
    • Hear gignoux gignoux
    • Hear giroux giroux
    • Hear heroux heroux
    • Hear herscu herscu
    • Hear igou igou
    • Hear imbue imbue
    • Hear into into
    • Hear jammu jammu
    • Hear jamu jamu
    • Hear kazoo kazoo
    • Hear ketou ketou
    • Hear kwangju kwangju
    • Hear laroux laroux
    • Hear larue larue
    • Hear ledoux ledoux
    • Hear lemieux lemieux
    • Hear leroux leroux
    • Hear liou liou
    • Hear m2 m2
    • Hear mailloux mailloux
    • Hear marcou marcou
    • Hear marcoux marcoux
    • Hear marrou marrou
    • Hear mccue mccue
    • Hear mcgrew mcgrew
    • Hear mcgue mcgue
    • Hear mchugh mchugh
    • Hear mcknew mcknew
    • Hear mcnew mcnew
    • Hear meiyuh meiyuh
    • Hear miscue miscue
    • Hear neveu neveu
    • Hear outdo outdo
    • Hear outgrew outgrew
    • Hear perdue perdue
    • Hear peru peru
    • Hear purdue purdue
    • Hear pursue pursue
    • Hear ragu ragu
    • Hear ramu ramu
    • Hear ratu ratu
    • Hear redo redo
    • Hear renew renew
    • Hear reto reto
    • Hear review review
    • Hear revue revue
    • Hear richoux richoux
    • Hear seydoux seydoux
    • Hear shampoo shampoo
    • Hear shamu shamu
    • Hear subdue subdue
    • Hear taboo taboo
    • Hear tattoo tattoo
    • Hear tatu tatu
    • Hear theroux theroux
    • Hear tien-fu tien-fu
    • Hear tieu tieu
    • Hear tobu tobu
    • Hear toyoo toyoo
    • Hear troyu troyu
    • Hear true-view true-view
    • Hear undo undo
    • Hear undue undue
    • Hear unglue unglue
    • Hear untrue untrue
    • Hear urdu urdu
    • Hear vanlue vanlue
    • Hear wahoo wahoo
    • Hear wenzhou wenzhou
    • Hear whay-yu whay-yu
    • Hear withdrew withdrew
    • Hear zanu zanu
    • Hear zungu zungu
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear belyeu belyeu
    • Hear benhamou benhamou
    • Hear byu byu
    • Hear depardieu depardieu
    • Hear hitherto hitherto
    • Hear iou iou
    • Hear isu isu
    • Hear kangaroo kangaroo
    • Hear karatsu karatsu
    • Hear katmandu katmandu
    • Hear komatsu komatsu
    • Hear lhommedieu lhommedieu
    • Hear misconstrue misconstrue
    • Hear overdo overdo
    • Hear overdue overdue
    • Hear overthrew overthrew
    • Hear pas-de-deux pas-de-deux
    • Hear suu suu
    • Hear timbuktu timbuktu
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear hullabaloo hullabaloo
    • Hear kalamazoo kalamazoo
    • Hear long-overdue long-overdue
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear dfw dfw

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