Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ bohl ]

Definition: Play

n. the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant

Sentence: Play Play

The female weevil lays her eggs in the boll.

More example sentences:

The female weevil lays her eggs in the boll.

Hear it Hear it

Bad soil and pests like the boll weevil damage cotton.

Hear it Hear it

After the boll weevils destroyed many acres of cotton, which of the following did NOT happen?

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

seed pod; seed capsule; seed vessel

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in boll?

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Divide boll into syllables:


Boll rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear boal boal
    • Hear boehl boehl
    • Hear bohl bohl
    • Hear bole bole
    • Hear bowl bowl
    • Hear buol buol
    • Hear coal coal
    • Hear coale coale
    • Hear cole cole
    • Hear colle colle
    • Hear croll croll
    • Hear dhole dhole
    • Hear doell doell
    • Hear dole dole
    • Hear droll droll
    • Hear foal foal
    • Hear foale foale
    • Hear fohl fohl
    • Hear goal goal
    • Hear gohl gohl
    • Hear groll groll
    • Hear hoel hoel
    • Hear hoell hoell
    • Hear hoelle hoelle
    • Hear hohl hohl
    • Hear hole hole
    • Hear knoell knoell
    • Hear knoll knoll
    • Hear koehl koehl
    • Hear koelle koelle
    • Hear kohl kohl
    • Hear kol kol
    • Hear kole kole
    • Hear mohl mohl
    • Hear mole mole
    • Hear noell noell
    • Hear nohl nohl
    • Hear nole nole
    • Hear noll noll
    • Hear ohl ohl
    • Hear ol' ol'
    • Hear ole ole
    • Hear pfohl pfohl
    • Hear poehl poehl
    • Hear pohl pohl
    • Hear pole pole
    • Hear poll poll
    • Hear proehl proehl
    • Hear roehl roehl
    • Hear roell roell
    • Hear roelle roelle
    • Hear rohl rohl
    • Hear rol rol
    • Hear role role
    • Hear roll roll
    • Hear rolle rolle
    • Hear schaul schaul
    • Hear scholle scholle
    • Hear schroll schroll
    • Hear scroll scroll
    • Hear seoul seoul
    • Hear shoal shoal
    • Hear skoal skoal
    • Hear sohl sohl
    • Hear sol sol
    • Hear sole sole
    • Hear soul soul
    • Hear sowle sowle
    • Hear stohl stohl
    • Hear stol stol
    • Hear stole stole
    • Hear stoll stoll
    • Hear strohl strohl
    • Hear strole strole
    • Hear stroll stroll
    • Hear thoele thoele
    • Hear thole thole
    • Hear toal toal
    • Hear toelle toelle
    • Hear tole tole
    • Hear toll toll
    • Hear troll troll
    • Hear voell voell
    • Hear whole whole
    • Hear woehl woehl
    • Hear wohl wohl
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear cajole cajole
    • Hear console console
    • Hear control control
    • Hear devaul devaul
    • Hear ecole ecole
    • Hear enroll enroll
    • Hear extol extol
    • Hear madole madole
    • Hear mccole mccole
    • Hear mccoll mccoll
    • Hear mcdole mcdole
    • Hear nicole nicole
    • Hear nicolle nicolle
    • Hear pajole pajole
    • Hear parole parole
    • Hear patrol patrol
    • Hear pistole pistole
    • Hear unroll unroll
    • Hear viole viole
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear decontrol decontrol
    • Hear espanol espanol
    • Hear rock'n'roll rock'n'roll
    • Hear rock-and-roll rock-and-roll
    • Hear self-control self-control

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