Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ buh-lair-oh, boh- ]

Definition: Play

n. 1 a Spanish dance in triple time accompanied by guitar and castanets; 2 a short jacket; worn mostly by women

Sentence: Play Play

They had fun dancing the bolero.

More example sentences:

They had fun dancing the bolero.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

Spanish dance; lively Spanish dance; short jacket

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in bolero?

3 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide bolero into syllables:


Bolero rhymes:

  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear aero aero
    • Hear bero bero
    • Hear cerro cerro
    • Hear cuero cuero
    • Hear darrow darrow
    • Hear derrow derrow
    • Hear eroh eroh
    • Hear faro faro
    • Hear fero fero
    • Hear ferro ferro
    • Hear garo garo
    • Hear garrow garrow
    • Hear gero gero
    • Hear gerow gerow
    • Hear herro herro
    • Hear lerro lerro
    • Hear marrow marrow
    • Hear mero mero
    • Hear merow merow
    • Hear merrow merrow
    • Hear narrow narrow
    • Hear pharaoh pharaoh
    • Hear pharoah pharoah
    • Hear sherrow sherrow
    • Hear sparrow sparrow
    • Hear spero spero
    • Hear taro taro
    • Hear varo varo
    • Hear vero vero
    • Hear yarrow yarrow
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear acero acero
    • Hear aguero aguero
    • Hear alvero alvero
    • Hear amero amero
    • Hear barbero barbero
    • Hear barreiro barreiro
    • Hear borrero borrero
    • Hear botero botero
    • Hear bracero bracero
    • Hear calero calero
    • Hear camaro camaro
    • Hear camero camero
    • Hear cantero cantero
    • Hear carneiro carneiro
    • Hear carreiro carreiro
    • Hear carrero carrero
    • Hear cepero cepero
    • Hear cordeiro cordeiro
    • Hear cordero cordero
    • Hear delnero delnero
    • Hear dondero dondero
    • Hear favero favero
    • Hear ferreiro ferreiro
    • Hear ferrero ferrero
    • Hear guerrero guerrero
    • Hear herrero herrero
    • Hear janiero janiero
    • Hear lonero lonero
    • Hear loureiro loureiro
    • Hear lucero lucero
    • Hear madero madero
    • Hear marrero marrero
    • Hear melero melero
    • Hear monteiro monteiro
    • Hear montero montero
    • Hear otero otero
    • Hear palmero palmero
    • Hear passero passero
    • Hear peguero peguero
    • Hear pineiro pineiro
    • Hear pinero pinero
    • Hear pinheiro pinheiro
    • Hear quintero quintero
    • Hear ribeiro ribeiro
    • Hear rivero rivero
    • Hear romero romero
    • Hear salguero salguero
    • Hear sendero sendero
    • Hear silguero silguero
    • Hear soltero soltero
    • Hear sombrero sombrero
    • Hear tercero tercero
    • Hear valero valero
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear alfiero alfiero
    • Hear caballero caballero
    • Hear cafiero cafiero
    • Hear calogero calogero
    • Hear carnicero carnicero
    • Hear cavallero cavallero
    • Hear ciminero ciminero
    • Hear colmenero colmenero
    • Hear delfavero delfavero
    • Hear escudero escudero
    • Hear locicero locicero
    • Hear mazzaferro mazzaferro
    • Hear mescalero mescalero
    • Hear mogavero mogavero
    • Hear mugavero mugavero
    • Hear olivero olivero
    • Hear recupero recupero
    • Hear tinajero tinajero
    • Hear zifferero zifferero
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear embarcadero embarcadero
    • Hear financiero financiero

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