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Phonetic Respelling: [ bahy-ol-uh-jee ]

Definition: Play

n. a branch of knowledge that deals with living organisms and life processes

Sentence: Play Play

My sister will graduate with a degree in biology.

More example sentences:

My sister will graduate with a degree in biology.

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What changed the life of Ernest while he took a biology class?

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Zoology is the branch of biology dealing with animals.

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According to Charles, what does biology teach us?

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What was Shirin doing so that she couldn't meet Ocean after school to work on their biology project?

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Botany is a branch of biology.

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Taxonomy is a sub-discipline of biology.

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The study of biology and chemistry is biochemistry.

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Tom cut a branch off the tree. OR Botany is a branch of biology.

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What did Phillip call Shelley in biology class?

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We will dismember the frog when we do the dissection in biology class.

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The biology students were asked to identify animals with barbellate hides.

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How long did Mandy study for her biology test?

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From the viewpoint of biology one abiotic influence is light.

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How was Max able to escape from Ralph in Erin's biology classroom?

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Synonyms: Play

natural science; nature study; life science

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in biology?

4 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide biology into syllables:


Biology rhymes:

  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear anthology anthology
    • Hear apology apology
    • Hear astrology astrology
    • Hear chronology chronology
    • Hear cytology cytology
    • Hear doxology doxology
    • Hear ecology ecology
    • Hear ethnology ethnology
    • Hear ethology ethology
    • Hear geology geology
    • Hear graphology graphology
    • Hear histology histology
    • Hear hymnology hymnology
    • Hear limnology limnology
    • Hear morphology morphology
    • Hear mycology mycology
    • Hear mythology mythology
    • Hear neurology neurology
    • Hear oncology oncology
    • Hear ontology ontology
    • Hear otology otology
    • Hear pathology pathology
    • Hear penology penology
    • Hear petrology petrology
    • Hear pomology pomology
    • Hear psychology psychology
    • Hear seismology seismology
    • Hear serology serology
    • Hear theology theology
    • Hear urology urology
    • Hear virology virology
    • Hear zoology zoology
  • Five Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear anthropology anthropology
    • Hear archaeology archaeology
    • Hear archeology archeology
    • Hear cardiology cardiology
    • Hear cosmetology cosmetology
    • Hear criminology criminology
    • Hear dermatology dermatology
    • Hear egyptology egyptology
    • Hear embryology embryology
    • Hear entomology entomology
    • Hear etiology etiology
    • Hear etymology etymology
    • Hear genealogy genealogy
    • Hear gerontology gerontology
    • Hear gynecology gynecology
    • Hear ideology ideology
    • Hear immunology immunology
    • Hear methodology methodology
    • Hear mineralogy mineralogy
    • Hear numerology numerology
    • Hear ophthalmology ophthalmology
    • Hear ornithology ornithology
    • Hear pharmacology pharmacology
    • Hear physiology physiology
    • Hear radiology radiology
    • Hear rheumatology rheumatology
    • Hear scientology scientology
    • Hear sociology sociology
    • Hear terminology terminology
    • Hear toxicology toxicology
    • Hear transtechnology transtechnology
  • Six Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear astrogeology astrogeology
    • Hear bacteriology bacteriology
    • Hear biotechnology biotechnology
    • Hear dendrochronology dendrochronology
    • Hear endocrinology endocrinology
    • Hear epistemology epistemology
    • Hear geomorphology geomorphology
    • Hear infotechnology infotechnology
    • Hear intertechnology intertechnology
    • Hear kinesiology kinesiology
    • Hear meteorology meteorology
    • Hear micropaleontology micropaleontology
    • Hear polytechnology polytechnology
  • Seven Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear anesthesiology anesthesiology
    • Hear electroepidemiology electroepidemiology
  • Eigh Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear micropaleontology micropaleontology

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