Hear it
Hear it

Phonetic Respelling: [ uh-meyz ]

Definition: Play

v. to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly

Sentence: Play Play

You amaze me with how smart you are.

More example sentences:

You amaze me with how smart you are.

Hear it Hear it

What did Sara plan to paint that would amaze everyone?

Hear it Hear it

Why did the rocks in the desert amaze him?

Hear it Hear it

How would Little Critter amaze his dad?

Hear it Hear it

The circus never ceases to amaze me.

Hear it Hear it

Synonyms: Play

wonder; astonish; astound; surprise

Antonyms: Play


How many syllables in amaze?

2 syllables Play Syllables Game

Divide amaze into syllables:


Amaze rhymes:

  • One Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear a's a's
    • Hear a.'s a.'s
    • Hear a.s a.s
    • Hear baise baise
    • Hear baize baize
    • Hear bay's bay's
    • Hear bayes bayes
    • Hear bays bays
    • Hear bayse bayse
    • Hear baze baze
    • Hear blaese blaese
    • Hear blaise blaise
    • Hear blaize blaize
    • Hear blase blase
    • Hear blayze blayze
    • Hear blaze blaze
    • Hear braise braise
    • Hear brase brase
    • Hear brays brays
    • Hear braze braze
    • Hear cayes cayes
    • Hear chaise chaise
    • Hear claes claes
    • Hear claeys claeys
    • Hear clays clays
    • Hear crase crase
    • Hear cray's cray's
    • Hear crays crays
    • Hear craze craze
    • Hear dais dais
    • Hear daise daise
    • Hear dase dase
    • Hear day's day's
    • Hear days days
    • Hear days' days'
    • Hear daze daze
    • Hear fay's fay's
    • Hear faze faze
    • Hear fe's fe's
    • Hear frase frase
    • Hear frays frays
    • Hear fraze fraze
    • Hear gase gase
    • Hear gays gays
    • Hear gaze gaze
    • Hear glaze glaze
    • Hear gray's gray's
    • Hear grays grays
    • Hear graze graze
    • Hear grey's grey's
    • Hear hase hase
    • Hear hayes hayes
    • Hear hays hays
    • Hear hayse hayse
    • Hear haze haze
    • Hear heys heys
    • Hear j's j's
    • Hear j.'s j.'s
    • Hear jae's jae's
    • Hear jay's jay's
    • Hear jays jays
    • Hear k's k's
    • Hear k.'s k.'s
    • Hear kase kase
    • Hear kay's kay's
    • Hear kayes kayes
    • Hear kays kays
    • Hear klase klase
    • Hear lais lais
    • Hear lase lase
    • Hear lay's lay's
    • Hear lays lays
    • Hear leis leis
    • Hear leys leys
    • Hear mae's mae's
    • Hear maes maes
    • Hear mais mais
    • Hear maize maize
    • Hear mase mase
    • Hear may's may's
    • Hear mayes mayes
    • Hear mays mays
    • Hear mays' mays'
    • Hear mayse mayse
    • Hear maze maze
    • Hear nase nase
    • Hear nays nays
    • Hear pais pais
    • Hear paiz paiz
    • Hear pays pays
    • Hear pei's pei's
    • Hear phase phase
    • Hear phrase phrase
    • Hear play's play's
    • Hear plays plays
    • Hear praise praise
    • Hear prays prays
    • Hear preys preys
    • Hear raise raise
    • Hear rase rase
    • Hear ray's ray's
    • Hear rays rays
    • Hear raze raze
    • Hear re's re's
    • Hear res res
    • Hear sais sais
    • Hear saiz saiz
    • Hear shays shays
    • Hear shea's shea's
    • Hear shlaes shlaes
    • Hear skase skase
    • Hear slays slays
    • Hear sprays sprays
    • Hear stays stays
    • Hear strays strays
    • Hear sways sways
    • Hear swayze swayze
    • Hear tays tays
    • Hear trays trays
    • Hear wais wais
    • Hear way's way's
    • Hear ways ways
    • Hear weighs weighs
    • Hear yeas yeas
  • Two Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear ablaze ablaze
    • Hear allays allays
    • Hear appraise appraise
    • Hear arrays arrays
    • Hear b-j's b-j's
    • Hear ballet's ballet's
    • Hear ballets ballets
    • Hear belays belays
    • Hear berets berets
    • Hear betrays betrays
    • Hear bombay's bombay's
    • Hear bouquets bouquets
    • Hear caches caches
    • Hear cafes cafes
    • Hear chalets chalets
    • Hear cliches cliches
    • Hear conveys conveys
    • Hear da's da's
    • Hear decays decays
    • Hear defrays defrays
    • Hear delays delays
    • Hear delhaize delhaize
    • Hear deshaies deshaies
    • Hear dismays dismays
    • Hear displays displays
    • Hear dossiers dossiers
    • Hear essays essays
    • Hear filets filets
    • Hear inaez inaez
    • Hear jose's jose's
    • Hear jouret's jouret's
    • Hear lescaze lescaze
    • Hear malaise malaise
    • Hear malays malays
    • Hear mcveigh's mcveigh's
    • Hear mj's mj's
    • Hear monet's monet's
    • Hear morays morays
    • Hear obeys obeys
    • Hear okays okays
    • Hear oles oles
    • Hear portrays portrays
    • Hear repays repays
    • Hear rephrase rephrase
    • Hear replays replays
    • Hear survey's survey's
    • Hear surveys surveys
    • Hear today's today's
    • Hear todays todays
    • Hear valets valets
  • Three Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear cabernets cabernets
    • Hear chevrolet's chevrolet's
    • Hear chevrolets chevrolets
    • Hear delosreyes delosreyes
    • Hear dismutase dismutase
    • Hear ira's ira's
    • Hear iras iras
    • Hear lyonnais lyonnais
    • Hear lyonnaise lyonnaise
    • Hear pinochet's pinochet's
    • Hear polonaise polonaise
    • Hear reappraise reappraise
    • Hear santa-fe's santa-fe's
    • Hear touvier's touvier's
  • Four Syllable Rhymes
    • Hear communiques communiques
    • Hear compusa's compusa's
    • Hear indosuez indosuez
    • Hear urokinase urokinase

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